Acer Aspire EC-471G Laptop Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Drivers, Utility, Manual

Acer Aspire EC-471G Notebook

Download Acer Aspire EC-471G Notebook Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Drivers, Software, Update and Manuals.

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Download Category Vendor File Version Size Date
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DownloadChipsetIntelChipset Driver9.3.0.10202.9 MB2012/09/28
DownloadAHCIIntelSATA AHCI Driver11.5.0.120711.2 MB2012/09/28
DownloadAudioRealtekAudio Driver6.0.1.6657239.5 MB2012/09/28
DownloadCardReaderRealtekCard Reader Driver6.2.8400.2702817.2 MB2012/09/28
DownloadLanRealtekLAN Driver8.003.0730.20125.6 MB2012/09/28
DownloadOthersDritekOther Drivers (RF Button)2.02.2000.0801197.1 KB2012/09/28
DownloadTouchPadELANTECHTouchpad Driver11.6.8.1181.1 MB2012/09/28
DownloadTouchPadSynapticsTouchpad Driver16.2.9.6120.1 MB2012/09/28
DownloadTurbo BoostIntelTurbo Boost Driver8.1.0.1263118.6 MB2012/09/28
DownloadVGAIntelVGA Driver9.17.10.2867137.1 MB2012/11/01
DownloadVGANVIDIAVGA Driver9.18.13.0546237.0 MB2012/09/28
DownloadWireless LANAtherosWireless LAN Driver (new) MB2012/12/28
DownloadWireless LANAtherosWireless LAN Driver10.0.0.217224.1 MB2012/12/04
DownloadWireless LANBroadcomWireless LAN Driver6.30.59.2034.5 MB2012/09/28
DownloadWireless LANIntelWireless LAN Driver15.5.4.45146.1 MB2012/09/28
Download Category Vendor File Version Size Date
DownloadDevice Fast-LaneAcerDevice Fast-Lane Application1.00.30073.3 MB2012/09/28
DownloadePowerAcerePower Management Application7.00.300618.8 MB2012/09/28
DownloadLaunchManagerDritekLaunchManager Application7.0.520.8 MB2012/09/28
Download Category Vendor File Version Size Date
Updating an incorrect BIOS may cause harm to your system. We recomend that you only do this after being instructed by one of our Customer Care representatives. By using these updates you agree to accept the possibility of product failure.
DownloadBIOSAcerBIOS1.242.9 MB2012/11/26
DownloadBIOSAcerBIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)2.073.0 MB2012/10/31
DownloadBIOSAcerBIOS1.223.0 MB2012/10/31
DownloadBIOSAcerBIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)2.053.1 MB2012/10/23
DownloadBIOSAcerBIOS1.194.9 MB2012/09/03
DownloadBIOSAcerBIOS1.184.9 MB2012/05/29
DownloadBIOSAcerBIOS1.114.8 MB2012/04/17
Download Category Vendor File Version Size Date
DownloadGeneric UGAcerGeneric User Guide (Windows 8)01.01.0676.6 MB2013/01/16
DownloadQuickStartGuideAcerQuick Start Guide (Windows 8)1.01.2 MB2012/10/03
DownloadQuickStartGuideAcerQuick Start Guide1.0856.9 KB2012/04/18
Download Category Vendor File Version Size Date