DELL Latitude E5530 Laptop Windows 8 32bit Drivers, Applications, Updates

Refine results: All files for Windows 8 32bit.

Application (1)
File Title Release Date Version
Dell Digital Delivery Application
3.1.1002.0, A10
Audio (1)
File Title Release Date Version
IDT 92HD93 High-Definition Audio Driver
1.0.6491.0, A08
BIOS (2)
File Title Release Date Version
Dell Latitude E5530 System BIOS, non-vPro supported (Broadcom TruManage)
A18, A18
Dell Latitude E5530 System BIOS, Intel vPro supported
A19, A19
Modem/Communications (2)
File Title Release Date Version
Dell Wireless 5560 WWAN Mobile Broadband Firmware Update
R4A10, A00
Dell Wireless 5560 WWAN Mobile Broadband Driver
2015-01-15, A00
Chipset (3)
File Title Release Date Version
O2 Micro OZ600xxx memory card reader Driver
2015-10-01, A04
Intel(R) Management Engine Components Installer Driver
2015-11-30, A02
ST Microelectronics Free Fall Data Protection Driver
4.10.46, A06
Mouse, Keyboard & Input Devices (2)
File Title Release Date Version
Dell Multi-Touch Touchpad Driver
10.1207.101.109, A03
Dell Camera Firmware Update
A00, A00
Network (9)
File Title Release Date Version
Intel(R) Wi-Fi Link 6300/6250/6205 Application
WiDi, A03
Intel Device Manager Diagnostics (DMIX) Utility
2015-12-03, A09
Intel 6235/6300/6250/6205/6200 WiFi Driver
2015-12-01, A03
Dell Wireless 1540/1504/1530 WiFi Driver
2014-03-26, A02
Dell Wireless 380 Bluetooth Module Driver
12.0, A02
Intel 825xx 10/100/1000 Ethernet Controller Driver
2015-12-01, A08
Dell Airplane Mode Switch Driver
1.0.0, A00
Dell Wireless 380 Bluetooth Driver
12.0, A01
Broadcom 57XX BACS Combined Package Driver
17.4.1, A02
Serial ATA (1)
File Title Release Date Version
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver and Management Console
2015-12-30, A01
Security (1)
File Title Release Date Version
Authentec AES2810 Windows Biometric Framework Driver for integrated fingerprint readers
2015-12-01, A01
System Utilities (2)
File Title Release Date Version
Dell Command | Power Manager
2.1.1, A00
Dell Feature Enhancement Pack Application
2.2.1, A00
Video (1)
File Title Release Date Version
Intel HD, HD 4000 Graphics Driver
2016-11-07, A18
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