Fujitsu Lifebook B6230 Notebook Windows Vista Drivers

Fujitsu Lifebook B6230 Notebook Windows Vista Drivers

fujitsu b6230_front_stylusThe ultra-portable LifeBook B6230 notebook is designed to handle today’s most demanding business applications. Its touch-sensitive display is ideal for fast-paced, forms-intensive applications. You can quickly navigate through your applications using a stylus or your fingertip.

At a glance:
- Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Ultra Low Voltage U7600 (1.2 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache, 533 MHz FSB)
- 12.1” XGA TFT display with touch screen
- Intel 945GM Video Controller, Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT) (up to 224 MB)
- Atheros Super AG Wireless LAN (802.11a/b/g);

Download Fujitsu Lifebook B6230 Notebook Windows Vista, Vista 64bit Drivers

BIOS and Generic Compatible Drivers

Driver Name Version Size Type Related FAQ
Windows-based BIOS Update V 1.05 1.26 MB Updated view

For Windows Vista Compatible Drivers
Driver Name Version Size Type
Audio V6.0.1.5577 21.9 MB Updated
Audio-HD 16.3 MB Original
Bluetooth 5.10.17(F) 28.6 MB Original
Button Driver 2.0.1026.2006 1.53 MB Original
Button Utilities 7.00.1109.2007 3.39 MB Original
Fingerprint Driver V7.10.0.2 7.00 MB Updated
Fingerprint Driver 7.49 MB Original
Fujitsu Display Manager 3.84 MB Original
Fujitsu HotKey Utility 5.47 MB Original
Fujitsu LifeBook Panel 7 9.26 MB Original
Fujitsu Mobility Center 1.0L10 3.07 MB Original
Fujitsu Security Panel 2.1 11.6 MB Original
Fujitsu Shock Sensor 3.75 MB Original
Fujitsu System Extension 5.45 MB Original
LAN 399 KB Original
Modem-HD 1.00 MB Original
Pointing 4.66 MB Original
SATA 369 KB Original
Touch Panel 406 KB Original
Intel 94xGM
V7.14.10.1461R 16.8 MB Updated
Video 13.7 MB Original
WLAN (Atheros) V7.6.0.164 27.2 Updated

For Windows Vista 64-bit Compatible Drivers
Driver Name Version Size Type
Audio-HD 20.3 MB Original
Bluetooth 5.10.17(F) 30.2 MB Original
Fingerprint Driver 310 KB Original
Fujitsu HotKey Driver
Driver: FUJ02B1 118 KB Original
Fujitsu System Extension
Driver: FUJ02E3 117 KB Original
LAN 347 KB Original
Modem-HD 1.02 MB Original
Pen (FCL) (V1.0L02) 443 KB Original
Pointing (Synaptics) 6.29 MB Original
SATA (Intel ICH7M) 350 KB Original
Fujitsu Shock Sensor V3.0L10 4.30 MB Updated
Video (Intel) 12.4 MB Original
WLAN (Atheros) 5.12 MB Original

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