Fujitsu Lifebook M2010 Netbook Windows XP Driver, Software

Fujitsu Lifebook M2010 Notebook

Download Fujitsu LIFEBOOK M2010 Netbook Windows XP 32bit Drivers, Utilities, User Manual and Update.

DownloadDriver NameVendorReadmeVersionSizeRemarks
DownloadAudioRealtekv5.10.0.584534 MB
DownloadBluetoothToshibav7.00.01f36 MB
DownloadChipsetIntelv8.7.0.10072 MB
DownloadFujitsu FUJ02B1 DeviceFujitsuv1.2137 KBHID: ACPI\FUJ02B1
DownloadFujitsu FUJ02E3 DeviceFujitsuv1.0038 KBHID: ACPI\FUJ02E3
DownloadGABIFujitsuv1.0.0.1120 KBFujitsu BIOS Driver
DownloadLANRealtekv5.720232 KB
DownloadMedia SlotRealtekv6.0.6000.797 MB
DownloadMouseSynapticsv12.2.2.09 MB
DownloadVideoIntelv6.14.10.492617 MB
DownloadWireless LANAtherosv7.7.0.36330 MBFor model with Atheros Wireless LAN
DownloadUtility NameVendorReadmeVersionSizeRemarks
DownloadHotkey UtilityFujitsuv2.844 MB
DownloadODD SharingFujitsuv1. MB
DownloadPower Saving UtilityFujitsuv31.00.17.00711 MB
DownloadSystem Extension UtilityFujitsuv3.1.04 MB
DownloadUpdateNavi PatchFujitsuReadmeNA146 KB
DownloadDocument NameVendorReadmeVersionSizeRemarks
DownloadUser ManualFujitsuv1.04 MB
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  • pls give driver for touch screen

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