Fujitsu LifeBook P1510 Tablet PC Windows XP Drivers

Fujitsu LifeBook P1510 Tablet PC Windows XP Drivers

Fujitsu LifeBook P1510 Tablet PC Coming in at just over two pounds with an 8.9" screen, the Fujitsu LifeBook P1510 Notebook gives you everything you need in a notebook with all the versatility of a tablet.  Navigate through menus and forms using the included stylus, or your fingers, in folded down slate tablet formation. Then, rotate the screen and tilt it up into a notebook configuration for any data entry needs.  The LifeBook P1510 is powered by Intel Centrino Mobile Technology.

Spec at a glance: Intel Pentium M Processor ULV 753 1.20 GHz, Intel Centrino Mobile Technology, Intel 915GMS chipset, 8.9" WSVGA TFT with Touch Screen, 512 MB DDR II SDRAM, 30 GB 4200 rpm, Biometric Fingerprint Sensor, Modem, Ethernet 10/100, IEEE 802.11a/b/g Wireless, 2.2 lbs Weight,  Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005.

Download Fujitsu LifeBook P1510 Tablet PC Windows XP Drivers:

Driver Name Readme file Version Size(bytes)
Audio Driver   V.5.10.5660A 10,054,789
ACPI Device Driver (FUJ02B1)   V.1.21 9,414
Bluetooth Driver (For model with Bluetooth)   V.3.01.03F 15,412,253
Bluetooth Radio Control Utility   V.1.0 853,561
Bluetooth Unknown Device Driver   V. 8,966
Chipset   V. 2,557,356
Fujitsu HotKey Utility   V.2.50 1,128,653
Fujitsu Display Manager Utility (Eng)   V.3.2 5,517,318
Fujitsu Display Manager Utility (Traditional Chinese)   V.3.2 5,511,424
Fujitsu Display Manager Utility (Simplified Chinese)   V.3.2 5,511,063
Fujitsu System Extension Utility (Eng)   V.1.00 1,091,536
Fujitsu System Extension Utility (Traditional Chinese)   V.1.00 1,332,316
Fujitsu System Extension Utility (Simplified Chinese)   V.1.00 1,305,232
FingerPrint Sensor driver    V.6.28.17 4,441,341
FingerPrint Sensor Softex Omnipass Utility   V.3.51.11 20,162,569
Fujitsu Button Driver   V.1.1.1233.2004 927,155
Fujitsu Button Utility   V.1.2.0727.2005 2,253,625
LAN Driver   V.5.13 1,982,568
LogOn Assistant   V.1rel 1C 2,156,654
Modem   V.2.1.57 897,762
MultiMedia Bay   V.2.39.01 1,992,858
TouchPad Mouse   V.5.4.401.8 238.121
Touch Panel Driver   V.1.0L06 107,924
Video Driver Readme V. 4,875,264
Wireless LAN Intel Pro 2200B/2915ABG   V. 57,530,883

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  • Paula Baumgarter

    Trying to download touch screen driver but it clicks off sayig “installation complete.” My touch screen and pen do not work.

  • Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

  • Karthi

    The windows gets corrupted in my fujitsu p1510 tablet pc. I am unable to reinstall the windows. Where can i get the windows software. I am having the license key also.

    • freeone

      Ask google search …

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