Fujitsu LifeBook S7210 Notebook Drivers for Windows XP

Fujitsu LifeBook S7210 Notebook Drivers for Windows XP

FUjitsu s7210 NotebookThis stylish mobile companion offers affordable high performance with a host of user-friendly features that go beyond good looks. Its elegant black and white colour gives it a sleek and slim outlook while the ergonomic design ensures that working with the LifeBook S7210 is a pleasurable experience. Further enhancing this beauty is the advanced seamless design of the built-in stereo speakers and 1.3 Mega Pixel camera giving you total converged communication.

Download Fujitsu LifeBook S7210 Notebook Windows XP Drivers

Driver Name Readme file Version Size(bytes)
Audio   V. 34,338,293
ACPI Device Driver (FUJ02B1) Readme V.1.21 9,427
Bluetooth Device Driver   V. 29,864,815
Chipset Device Driver   V. 2,132,594
Fujitsu System Extension Driver (FUJ02E3) Readme V.1.00 11,417
Fujitsu FingerPrint Sensor Device Driver   V. 7,783,034
LAN   V. 197,953
Modem   V.2.1.72 934,492
Memory Card Slot Device Driver   V.2.16 2,348,422
SmartCard Device Driver   V. 2,034,715
SATA Device Driver   V. 189,161
TouchPad Mouse   V. 7,395,507
TPM Device Driver  (For model with TPM module)   V. 22,949
Video Driver   V. 17,876,385
WebCam Device Driver   V. 38,789,280
Wireless LAN Intel PRO 4965AGN/3945BG   V. 78,124,485
Tools and Utility      
FingerPrint Softex Omnipass Utility (For model with FingerPrint Sensor) Readme V.5.00.62C 25,143,259
Fujitsu Touch Button Utility   V.4.5d 11,267,916
Fujitsu System Extension Utility Readme V.2.11 16,610,408
Fujitsu HotKey Utility Readme V.2.82 3,465,772
Fujitsu Display Manager Utility   V.6.1L10 4,211,407
Fujitsu Security Panel Utility   V.2.1 34,431,937
Fujitsu Shock Sensor Utility Readme V.1.0L23 3,705,976
Fujitsu Power Saving Utility Readme V.2.0L18 5,672,590

Download Fujitsu LifeBook S7210 Notebook Windows XP Drivers,

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  • franck

    Thx for those drivers. But I’m always have a pb with the USB drivers … impossible to find them !
    The “mass storage driver” is almost “unknown” !
    I can’t find the right driver !
    Grgrgrgrrrrr ! :o)
    Any idea ???