Fujitsu LifeBook T3010D Tablet PC Windows XP Tablet Drivers

Fujitsu LifeBook T3010D TabletPC Windows XP Tablet Drivers

Fujitsu Siemens LifeBook T3010D Notebook The LIFEBOOK T Series is more than only a notebook. While in “standard mode”, it is a fully featured powerful notebook, all you need to do is flip over the screen and it converts into a Tablet PC. Of course its active digitizer is also available while in notebook mode, so that you can profit from the pen-enabled design in all modes.

Spec at a glance:

- Intel® Pentium® M Processor 1.40 GHz
- 12.1" XGA display with electromagnetic (active) digitizer
- Intel 855GM Chipset, integrated extreme graphics with AGP support
- Atheros Super AG wireless LAN (802.11a+b/g)

Download Fujitsu LifeBook T3010D Tablet Windows XP Tablet Drivers:

BIOS and Generic Compatible Drivers

Driver Name Version Size Type
FJBIOS for FlashAid V1.06 1025K Updated

Windows XP TabletPC Compatible Drivers

Driver Name Version Size Related FAQ
Audio Driver V5.10.00.5170 3867K
Button Driver V1.00 822K
Button Utilities Update V1.0.0.1 273KB view
Chipset Driver V4.30.1006 1878K
Hotkey Utility V2.10 1078K
LAN Adapter V4.50.505 1740K
Modem V2.1.21 584K
Pen Driver / Service V1.01 / V1.03c 1397K view
Security Panel V1.00 1487K
Touchpad V5.4.401.3 1630K
Video Driver V6.14.10.3553 4506K
Video Driver Update V6.14.10.4303R 3783KB
WLAN (Atheros) V5.0.0.107 8893KB
WLAN - Broadcom update V4.100.15.5 15.1 MB
WLAN Broadcom V3.20.23.0 2161K view

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