Fujitsu Stylistic ST6012 Tablet PC Windows 7 32bit Driver, Utility

Fujitsu Stylistic ST6012

Download Fujitsu Stylistic ST6012 Tablet PC Windows 7 32bit Drivers, Utilities, User Manuals and Update.

Download Driver Name Vendor Readme Version Size Remarks
Download Audio Realtek v6.0.1.5911 37 MB
Download Bluetooth Toshiba v5.0.11 15 MB For model with Bluetooth
Download Button Driver Fujitsu v4.2.0827.2009 363 KB
Download Digitizer Wacom v5.1.1 9 MB
Download FingerPrint Authentec v8.5.1.28 10 MB For model with Finger Print Sensor
Download Fujitsu FUJ02B1 Device Fujitsu v1.23 44 KB HID: ACPI\FUJ02B1
Download Fujitsu FUJ02E3 Device Fujitsu v1.20 44 KB HID: ACPI\FUJ02E3
Download GABI Fujitsu v1.0.0.2 43 KB Fujitsu BIOS Driver
Download Infrared SMSC v6.2.6000.2 52 KB
Download LAN Intel v10.0.6.0 316 KB
Download Media Slot O2Micro v3.00.0006 5 MB
Download SATA Intel v8.9.2.1002 225 KB
Download Smart Card O2Micro v3.0.1.6 5 MB
Download Turbo Memory Intel v1.10.0.1012 28 MB For model with Turbo Memory
Download Video Intel v8.15.10.1883 24 MB
Download WebCam Vimicro v2.04 2 MB
Download Wireless LAN Atheros v8.0.0.171 30 MB For model with Atheros Wireless LAN
Download Wireless LAN Intel v12.4.1.53 2 MB For model with Intel Wireless LAN
Download Utility Name Vendor Readme Version Size Remarks
Download Button Utility Fujitsu Readme v7.02.0818.2009 2 MB
Download Display Manager Fujitsu v7.00.20.201 10 MB
Download Hotkey Utility Fujitsu v3.60.0 4 MB
Download Mobility Center Extension Fujitsu v3.00.01.000 4 MB
Download Power Saving Utility Fujitsu v31.00.11.006 11 MB
Download Security Panel Fujitsu v2.2.0 33 MB
Download Shock Sensor Utility Fujitsu v4.00.01.000 9 MB
Download System Extension Utility Fujitsu v3.1.0 4 MB
Download UpdateNavi Fujitsu Readme v1.3L11 2 MB
Download TPM Utility Infineon v3.7 26 MB For model with TPM
Download Name Vendor Readme Version Size Remarks
Download BIOS Fujitsu v1.13 3 MB
Download Document Name Vendor Readme Version Size Remarks
Download User Manual Fujitsu v1.0 14 MB
  • bavarikus

    Thanks for the uploads!

    Well, but I have a little problem.
    On the Fujitsu-homepage I found nearly the same files (some are missing there).
    But most time the files on the Fujitsu-homepage have the same version-number, but they have different file-size.
    Does anybody have an explanation for this?
    Thank you in advance!