Gateway NE56R Notebook Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Drivers, Applications, Manuals


Download Gateway NE56R Laptop Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Drivers, Software, Update and Manuals.

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SATA AHCI DriverIntel11.5.0.120711.8 MB10/18/2012Download
SATA AHCI DriverIntel11.1.0.100611.8 MB05/14/2012Download
SATA AHCI DriverIntel11.5.4.100111.8 MB09/28/2012Download
Audio DriverRealtek6.0.1.6543189.2 MB05/14/2012Download
Audio DriverRealtek6.0.1.6657239.6 MB10/19/2012Download
Audio DriverRealtek6.0.1.6657239.5 MB09/28/2012Download
Audio DriverRealtek6.0.1.7040394.1 MB10/12/2013Download
Bluetooth DriverBroadcom12.0.0.7850183.9 MB02/10/2014Download
Bluetooth DriverAtheros8.0.1.305208.2 MB10/12/2013Download
Bluetooth DriverAtheros8.0.0.206185.9 MB09/28/2012Download
Bluetooth DriverBroadcom12.0.0.1800171.0 MB09/28/2012Download
Card Reader DriverBroadcom15. MB05/14/2012Download
Card Reader DriverBroadcom15. MB05/18/2012Download
Card Reader DriverBroadcom15. MB10/18/2012Download
Card Reader DriverBroadcom16.0.2.312.1 MB05/28/2013Download
Card Reader DriverBroadcom16.0.2.815.9 MB10/12/2013Download
Card Reader DriverBroadcom15. MB10/18/2012Download
Chipset DriverIntel9.3.0.10202.9 MB05/14/2012Download
Chipset DriverIntel9.3.0.10212.9 MB10/18/2012Download
Chipset DriverIntel9.3.0.10212.9 MB09/28/2012Download
LAN DriverBroadcom15. MB05/14/2012Download
ME (Management Engine)DriverIntel8.1.0.126347.9 MB10/18/2012Download
ME (Management Engine)DriverIntel9.5.14.172455.9 MB10/12/2013Download
Other Drivers (RF Button)Dritek2.02.2001.08031009.6 KB10/12/2013Download
Touchpad DriverSynaptics16.2.10.19128.5 MB10/19/2012Download
Touchpad DriverELANTECH11.6.24.203114.0 MB07/18/2013Download
Touchpad DriverELANTECH11.6.27.201123.2 MB10/12/2013Download
Touchpad DriverALPS8.100.2020.10615.0 MB09/28/2012Download
Touchpad DriverELANTECH11.6.8.1181.0 MB09/28/2012Download
Touchpad DriverALPS8.0.2020.20457.8 MB10/12/2013Download
Touchpad DriverSynaptics17.0.6.13121.7 MB10/18/2013Download
Touchpad DriverELANTECH11.6.11.002180.4 MB10/18/2012Download
Touchpad DriverSynaptics16.2.10.12118.6 MB09/28/2012Download
Touchpad DriverSynaptics15.3.41.598.2 MB05/14/2012Download
Turbo Boost
Turbo Boost DriverIntel8.0.0.126239.7 MB07/05/2012Download
Turbo Boost DriverIntel8.1.0.126347.9 MB09/28/2012Download
USB 3.0
USB 3.0 DriverIntel1.0.4.2205.2 MB03/11/2013Download
USB 3.0 DriverIntel1.0.4.2205.2 MB05/14/2012Download
VGA DriverNVIDIA9.18.13.0717417.6 MB03/06/2013Download
VGA DriverIntel9.17.10.2843112.3 MB10/31/2012Download
VGA DriverIntel9.17.10.2867137.1 MB11/01/2012Download
VGA DriverNVIDIA8.17.12.9632330.0 MB01/25/2013Download
VGA DriverNVIDIA9.18.13.0546420.1 MB09/28/2012Download
VGA DriverNVIDIA9.18.13.0630237.1 MB10/19/2012Download
VGA DriverNVIDIA326.49252.3 MB10/18/2013Download
VGA DriverIntel10.18.10.3304154.4 MB10/12/2013Download
VGA DriverIntel9.17.10.2843152.1 MB10/18/2012Download
VGA DriverIntel9.17.10.2867137.1 MB11/01/2012Download
VGA DriverNVIDIA8.17.12.9555330.9 MB05/14/2012Download
VGA Driver (PhysX)NVIDIA9.11.111130.4 MB05/14/2012Download
VGA DriverIntel8.15.10.2653268.1 MB05/14/2012Download
VGA DriverIntel9.17.10.2843264.3 MB09/28/2012Download
Wireless LAN
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros10.0.0.26343.0 MB10/30/2013Download
Wireless LAN DriverBroadcom6.30.223.17014.6 MB02/12/2014Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros10.0.0.225226.3 MB03/01/2013Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros10.0.0.3839.8 MB01/13/2014Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros10.0.0.7537.9 MB10/24/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros10.0.0.7537.9 MB09/28/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros10.0.0.217224.1 MB12/04/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverRealtek2007.3.0821.201218.6 MB10/19/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverBroadcom6.30.59.2034.5 MB09/28/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros10.0.0.217224.1 MB12/04/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros10.0.0.7537.9 MB10/18/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros9.2.0.48039.3 MB05/14/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverIntel15.5.0.4211.9 MB09/28/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverRealtek1005.28.1006.201119.6 MB05/14/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverBroadcom5.100.82.11259.2 MB05/14/2012Download
Shipping Document
Battery MSDS UN383 CNAS COO for air transportationGateway1.09.9 MB08/28/2013Download
User Manual
User Manual (Windows 8)Gateway1.02.6 MB03/19/2013Download
User ManualGateway1.03.6 MB05/14/2012Download
User Manual (Windows 8)Gateway02.01.0223.5 MB11/30/2012Download
- UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)Update F2 function for the scenario "End-user shutdown and then power on the system based on Win8/Win8.1"Gateway2.214.0 MB01/27/2014Download
BIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)Gateway2.174.0 MB10/18/2013Download
BIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)Gateway2.154.0 MB08/27/2013Download
BIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)Gateway2.144.0 MB08/28/2013Download
BIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)Gateway2.134.0 MB08/28/2013Download
BIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)Gateway2.074.0 MB10/29/2012Download
BIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)Gateway2.064.0 MB10/22/2012Download
BIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)Gateway2.044.0 MB08/30/2013Download
BIOSGateway1.133.8 MB10/22/2012Download
BIOSGateway1.113.8 MB10/01/2012Download
BIOSGateway1.103.8 MB09/10/2012Download
BIOSGateway1.096.9 MB08/20/2012Download
BIOSGateway1.089.5 MB07/17/2012Download
BIOSGateway1.076.9 MB05/21/2012Download
WebCam ApplicationCyberlink1.5.2108.0031.3 MB05/14/2012Download
Device Fast-Lane
Device Fast-Lane ApplicationGateway1.00.30073.3 MB09/28/2012Download
ePower Management ApplicationGateway6.00.301011.0 MB05/14/2012Download
ePower Management ApplicationGateway7.00.300618.8 MB09/28/2012Download
LaunchManager ApplicationDritek7.0.520.8 MB09/28/2012Download
LaunchManager ApplicationDritek5.1.157.2 MB05/14/2012Download
LaunchManager ApplicationDritek5.2.17.5 MB01/08/2013Download
LaunchManager ApplicationDritek5.2.17.5 MB01/08/2013Download
LaunchManager ApplicationAcer7.0.1020.8 MB10/12/2013Download
Live Updater
Live Updater ApplicationGateway2.00.30042.4 MB09/28/2012Download
Turbo Boost
Turbo Boost ApplicationIntel2. MB05/14/2012Download

There are currently no patches for this system.

  • sir i want to know about GAteway NE56R have bluetooth or not

    • freeone

      It seems no bluetooth. Info from Gateway NE56R Specs.

    • Bharat Chouhan

      Dear JAGWESH,
      I Want To Know About GATEWAY NE56R Have Bluetooth Or Not.
      Please Reply Me.

      “Waiting For Your Answer”


    • Mine did not have bluetooth

  • Kartik kumar

    Gateway NE56R have blooth or not?
    tell me

  • Davi

    sir…my web cam from my notebok ne56r/ne51b stop work suddenly and the installer also desapear from hd….an i can’t get the driver from website

  • Dr.Ranjith

    when installing windows 7, I am not able to see partition of my HD with LINUS OS. How to get it? presently after installing Windows 7, in MY COMPUTER, I can see only 230GB as C-drive. other drive is not visible.

  • Cesar


    Acebei de adiquirir um notebook gateway ne56r 43u

    O problema é que ele estava funcionando normalmente, mas de repente cliquei em algum tecla que ele fica com a tela escura, como se estivesse bloqueada…

    Algume tem alguma ideia de como posso resolver isto ?
    Obrigado por ajudar

    • Socram

      Clica na tecla F5

  • somsh

    my accer gateway ne56r 2 usb ports are notworking.why?what is the problem?how can i rectify the problem?plz give the suggestion.

    • Sheryl H.

      Hello- I recently ran into the same problem with my NE56R USB2 ports. I just downloaded the “Turbo Boost Driver 09/28/2012” from the driver list above, and it seems to have fixed my issue. I thought I would share with you to see if it fixes your problem as well. Can you please let me know if this works for you. Good luck, and I hope it does!

  • Mani

    Dear all my accer gateway ne56r 2 usb ports are notworking.why?what is the problem?how can i rectify the problem?plz give the suggestion.

    • Sheryl H.

      Hello- I recently ran into the same problem with my NE56R USB2 ports. I just downloaded the “Turbo Boost Driver 09/28/2012” from the driver list above, and it seems to have fixed my issue. I thought I would share with you to see if it fixes your problem as well. Can you please let me know if this works for you. Good luck, and I hope it does!

  • Sheryl H.

    My Gateway NE56R USB2 ports have also just recently stopped working. Is there a fix for this problem? It seems several are having it. I have tried re-installing drivers from my drivers disk to no avail. Please help us support!

  • vipin

    sir ,
    i have gateway ne56r .its window having problem .its complains in approx 30day your window is not genuine…..please help me………

    • jeeva

      use windows 7 crack.

  • Jagan

    I can’t install ubuntu on my system ne563r and even i cant load backtrack. how to overcome this problem. Pls help me in this issue..

  • shubham

    dear sir, i have gateway NE56R notebook nd i have also a driver disk but i can’t install the bluetooth driver so pls sir to help me. how can i to install the bluetooth driver

  • govardhan

    Hi,I am using Acer Gateway NE56R ,from beginning while using internet and watching videos sound is very low ,even unable to audible.Can any one fix solution for this please.

  • Alejandro

    tengo problemos con el internet, al conectarme a ua red fija (cable) reconoce la conexión pero no la habilita unicamente me muestra un mensaje: conexion limited

  • my laptop did not come with bluetooth.

  • Jagan

    I can’t install vga driver on windows 8.1 in my gateway ne56r laptop. I downloaded it from the official gateway website but the system says “the system does not meet the minimum requirements”.