NEC VERSA S3100 Notebook Drivers for Windows XP, Vista

NEC VERSA S3100 Notebook Drivers for Windows XP, Vista

NEC Versa S3100- Light and delicate, as you move
- 16:9 "wide-screen Behind" brightness can be adjusted automatically based on the Environment
- Using the latest Intel ® Centrino TM mobile technology
- Smooth surface, "sharp" edge design is more delicate style
- Audio and video could not resist the charm
- A wealth of connections Center

Download NEC VERSA S3100 Notebook Drivers for Windows XP, Vista

File Name Descriptions O/S Version File
s3100_vista_WLAN WLAN Windows Vista N/A
s3100_vista_VIDEO VIDEO Windows Vista N/A
s3100_vista_VersaGlide VersaGlide Windows Vista N/A
s3100_vista_MODEM MODEM Windows Vista N/A
s3100_vista_LAN LAN Windows Vista N/A
s3100_vista_CARDREADER CARD READER Windows Vista N/A
s3100_vista_AUDIO AUDIO Windows Vista N/A
s3100_xp_MOUSE MOUSE Windows XP N/A
s3100_xp_AUDIO AUDIO Windows XP N/A
s3100_xp_BT BT Windows XP N/A
s3100_xp_MOBO MOBO Windows XP N/A
s3100_xp_KEYB KEYB Windows XP N/A
s3100_xp_OTHER OTHER Windows XP N/A
s3100_xp_WLAN WLAN Windows XP N/A
s3100_xp_VIDEO VIDEO Windows XP N/A
s3100_xp_NET NET Windows XP N/A
s3100_xp_CARD CARD Windows XP N/A
s3100_xp_MODEM MODEM Windows XP N/A

  • Fred Lung

    I have a nec versa s3100. but the sd card reader can’t read 4G SDHC. Is there any driver I can download to read this 4GB SDHC?

  • 1. I’m wondering if I can still get battery for nec versa s3100 & how much?
    2. why I can’t install web cam using provided tiny cd/driver “web camera for 305”
    3. how to read SDHC on this computer