Packard Bell EasyNote TS11HR Windows 8 64bit Drivers, Software, Manuals

Packard Bell EASYNOTE EN TS11HR Drivers, Software and Manuals for Windows 8 64-bit [upgrade from Windows 7].

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DownloadIntelSATA AHCI Driver11.5.0.120711.8 MB2012/10/18
DownloadRealtekAudio Driver6.0.1.6438155.3 MB2012/10/19
DownloadAtherosBluetooth Driver8.0.0000.0209186.6 MB2012/10/18
DownloadBroadcomBluetooth Driver12.0.0.2800165.6 MB2012/10/18
DownloadBroadcomCard Reader Driver15. MB2012/10/18
DownloadIntelChipset Driver9.3.0.10212.9 MB2012/10/18
DownloadIntelME (Management Engine)Driver8.1.0.126347.9 MB2012/10/18
DownloadELANTECHTouchpad Driver11.6.11.002180.4 MB2012/10/18
DownloadSynapticsTouchpad Driver16.2.10.19128.5 MB2012/10/19
DownloadIntelVGA Driver9.17.10.2843152.1 MB2012/10/18
DownloadNVIDIAVGA Driver9.18.13.0630237.1 MB2012/10/19
DownloadAtherosWireless LAN Driver10.0.0.21628.8 MB2012/11/14
DownloadAtherosWireless LAN Driver10.0.0.7537.2 MB2012/10/18
DownloadDritekLaunchManager Application5.2.17.5 MB2013/01/08
DownloadPackardBell1. Updates CPU microcode 206A7 from 0000000D to 00000014. 2. Updates keep supervisor/user password after crisis. 3. Updates Nvidia N12P-GS VBIOS to 70.08.3C. MB2011/02/08
DownloadPackardBell1. Updates Seymour/Whistler SG VBIOS for fix 'CCD AP lag on DC mode' issue. 2. Adds 4.5 secs delay when switch to external monitor for fix can't see Logo on external monitor during post. 3. Updates chipset reference code. 4. Updates ME firmware 1197.1.055.3 MB2011/03/01
DownloadPackardBell1. Enables CRID function to fix PCH reversion ID for OS image driver lost issue. 2. Enables WLAN BCM43225 ClockRequest for Broadcom recommend.1.075.3 MB2011/03/14
DownloadPackardBell1. Adds new 17' panel support. 2. Adds new 1.3M CCD type. 3. Updates VBIOS SeymourDIS 39217_010 / SeymourSG 39369_005 / WhistlerDIS 39370_012.1.085.2 MB2011/04/06
DownloadPackardBellUpdates VBIOS SeymourDIS 39217_012 / SeymourSG 39369_006 / WhistlerDIS 39370_007.1.095.3 MB2011/04/18
DownloadPackardBell1. Updates Microcode v00000015 for 206A7 J-1/D-2 Sandy Bridge CPU. 2. Updates SLIC table method for non-Windows system.1.105.3 MB2011/05/03
DownloadPackardBell1. Supports 'Graphic mode' item. 2. Fixes USB 3.0 can't be used if disable legacy USB. 3. Adds new project ID for Q5WV0 & Q5WVH.1.115.3 MB2011/06/13
DownloadPackardBell1. Updates Nvidia N12P-GV3 VGA. 2. Updates Microcode v0000001A for 206A7. 3. Updates intel vbios version to 2119. 4. Updates seamless USB to fix sometime can't boot into USB 3.0 HDD.1.125.6 MB2011/08/01
DownloadPackardBellFixes 'Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery' was disappeared in device management at B710 CPU.1.135.3 MB2011/08/29
DownloadPackardBellAdds LG battery for Battery Information.1.145.3 MB2011/09/26
DownloadPackardBell1. Adds Chicony camera ID. 2. Fixes CMOS screen sometimes have extra underline. 3. Adds nVidia N13MGE3 and N13PGL2 VGA. 4. Updates Microcode v0000001B for 206A7. 5. Adds dGPU AMD Seymour XTX & Thames XT.1.155.3 MB2011/10/31
DownloadPackardBellUpdates AMD dGPU Thames XT VBIOS-es.1.165.3 MB2011/11/14
DownloadPackardBellFixes broadcom 57785 cardreader LED always light when plug memory card.1.175.3 MB2012/01/09
DownloadPackardBellBIOS1.185.3 MB2012/02/29
DownloadPackardBellBIOS1.195.4 MB2012/03/05
DownloadPackardBellBIOS1.205.4 MB2012/03/26
DownloadPackardBellBIOS1.215.4 MB2012/11/13
DownloadPackardBellGeneric User Guide15.1 MB2010/03/01
DownloadPanasonicMSDS, UN38.3, CNAS of Battery pack for transportation1993.3 KB2011/03/04
DownloadPackardBellUser Manual15.0 MB2011/05/04
DownloadSanyoMSDS, UN38.3, CNAS, COO of Battery pack for transportation(AS10D31)11.3 MB2012/02/03