SONY PCG-C1VRX/K,C1VR/BP(Japan Model) Main Specification

High-speed steel peck model of Bluetooth loading
Notebook computer PCG-C1VRX/K clear Bluetooth MEMORY STICK MG
Standard model of CD-ROM drive attachment
Notebook computer PCG-C1VR/BP clear OFFICE MEMORY STICK MG
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OS Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack1 correspondence) Windows Millennium Edition
Processor Transmeta Crusoe processor
TM 5,600,667 MHz TM 5,400,600 MHz
Cache-memory (Primary/second) 128KB/512KB (built-in to CPU) 128KB/256KB (built-in to CPU)
Memory Basque lock 100MHz (at the time of CPU clock 600MHz operation)
Main memory standard/maximum SDRAM 128MB (onboard)/maximum 192MB * you use inside 16MB with the system.
Expansion storage slot (Being less crowded) Private memory slot ×1(1)
Graphic accelerator ATI RAGE Mobilty-M1 (3D [akuserareshiyon] correspondence)
Video memory 8MB (built-in to video tip/chip)
Liquid Crystal Display 8.9 Type and ultra wide XGA (1024×480 dot) corresponding TFT color liquid crystal
Indicatory mode

1024×480 (largest approximately 16,770,000 color *1) /640×480 (largest approximately 16,770,000 color *1), 800×600*2 (largest approximately 16,770,000 color *1), 1024×768*2 (largest approximately 16,770,000 color *1)

External display output 1600×1200/1280×1024/1024×768/800×600 (approximately 16,770,000 color)
Dual display indicatory time (Example) (Non correspondence) External display: 1280×1024 (Largest approximately 16,770,000 color) - Substance LCD indication: 1024×480 (Largest approximately 16,770,000 color *1) External display: 1024×768 (Largest approximately 16,770,000 color) - Substance LCD indication: 1024×480 (Largest approximately 16,770,000 color *1)
Floppy disk drive External by way of selling separately PCGA-UFD5 and USB, 3.5 types (1.44MB/720KB)
Hard disk Approximately 20GB (Ultra ATA) (C: Approximately 12GB/D: Approximately 8GB) *3*4 Approximately 10GB (Ultra ATA) (C: Approximately 6GB/D: Approximately 4GB) *3
CD-ROM drive Selling separately: PCGA-CD51/A and PC card connection Attachment: PCGA-CD51/A and PC card connection
Built-in video camera Progressive system 1/6 type CCD 350,000 pixel (f=2.8mm F2.8)
External connected terminal

?AV output (NTSC/PAL correspondence and stereo line output) *5 ?USB×1 - External display output (optional display adapter PCGA-DA1S private terminal) ×1 ?i.LINK (IEEE1394) terminal S400 (4 pins) the modular jack ×1 for ×1 ? modem - Microphone/line input (monaural/stereo combined use mini- jack) ×1 - Stereo headphone output (MEGA BASS correspondence) ×1 - Magic gate corresponding memory stick slot ×1

PC card slot Type II×1 and CardBus correspondence
Wireless communication facility In substance Bluetooth built-in (Maximum transmission speed 723kbps, Distance you foresee, approximately 100~10m) the *6 (Bluetooth1.0B conformity) -
Audio function Windows sound system interchangeability and built-in stereo speaker, Built-in microphone, XG corresponding hardware MIDI sound source, MEGA BASS (silent boost) function (only headphone output)
Built-in FAX/modem Maximum 56kbps*7 (V.90/K56flex automatic correspondence)/maximum 14.4kbps (at the time of FAX)
Keyboard/ Pointing device Approximately 17mm pitch/key stroke approximately 2mm/86 key/ Scroll functional corresponding stick type pointing device, [jiyogudaiyaru]
Main accessory AC adapter (PCGA-AC16V2 equal item), Battery pack (S) (PCGA-BP51A equal item) *8, Telephone cord/code (modular cable), AV connector cable (Pin plug: Image/stereo ?AV mini- plug: Special stereo mini- plug), Recovery CD
- Microsoft Office 2000 Personal Preinstallation package
Power source AC adapter or lithium ion battery
Electric power consumption 36W
Energy consumption efficiency *9 S division 0.0010
Battery drive time *10 Battery pack (S): Approximately 3~5 time/ Battery pack (L): Approximately 6~10 time/ Battery pack (LLL): Approximately 11~17 time Battery pack (S): Approximately 3~5.5 time/ Battery pack (L): Approximately 6~11 time/ Battery pack (LLL): Approximately 11~19 time
Battery charge time (Also when turning on/off) Battery pack (S): Approximately 1.5 hours (approximately 85%), approximately 2.5 hours (approximately 100%)/ Battery pack (L): Approximately 3.5 hours (approximately 85%), approximately 6 hours (approximately 100%)/ Battery pack (LLL): Approximately 6 hours (approximately 85%), approximately 9 hours (approximately 100%)
Warm humidity condition When operating 5~35? (temperature gradient 10?/time below) 20%~80% (However as for the humidity in thing, and the 35? which do not become wet with dew 65% or less)
Substance external size (Largest projection thing not being included) Approximately width 248mm× height 27mm (forward the most it is thin section. Rear section 29mm) ## depth 152mm
Mass Approximately 995g (battery pack (S) when loading) Approximately 980g (battery pack (S) when loading)
*1  With the dither ring function of the graphic accelerator actualization.
*2  Hypothetical picture mode.
*3  It is numerical value when 1GB was calculated at 1,000,000,000 byte. The capacity which can be recognized from the system of Windows becomes PCG-C1VRX/K (approximately 18.5GB), PCG-C1VR/BP (approximately 9.3GB).
*4  The hard disk the format has done with FAT32. Operation verification of each application has gone with FAT32.
*5  When the substance picture is the 1024×480 dot, in the picture of television cross direction becomes imagination scroll indication. You cannot use with video output and external display output simultaneously.
*6  Transmission speed, communication range differs radio wave environment around, the obstacle and installation environment, distance and the application software, depending upon OS and the like. In addition, there are times when communication is cut off by the radio wave environment around. When you utilize Bluetooth, please start as Administrator of Windows2000 Professional. Please do not use Bluetooth and wireless LAN simultaneously in the biology 1. When Bluetooth and wireless LAN are used at short distance, there are times when influence is exerted on transmission speed and the like.
*7  Distinguishing V.90 and K56flex automatically, it changes. 56kbps is theoretical value at the time of data reception. At the time of data transmission with respect to 33.6kbps of standard reaches maximum.
*8  Capacity approximately 20Wh. Former PCGA-BP51 (capacity approximately 17Wh) it is available. However, battery drive time becomes shorter than PCGA-BP51A.
*9  In this catalog “energy consumption efficiency” of statement energy-saving method (the law regarding the use and rationalization of energy) with has stated the inscription. “Energy consumption efficiency” is something which is excluded with the compound theoretical efficiency which decides electric power consumption with energy-saving method with the measuring method which is decided with energy-saving method.
*10  At the time of economical electrical mode. Drive time there are times when it differs from the above-mentioned time depending upon usage condition and setting etc. In addition, the battery pack (S)/the battery pack (L)/the battery pack (LLL) combined use is not possible.