SUMSANG NC10-14GB Netbook Windows XP, Win7 Drivers, Software

Sumsang NC10-14GB netbook PC Windows XP Drivers

samsung NC10 netbook PC

Download Sumsang NC10-14GB Netbook PC Windows XP, Win7 32bit Drivers, Software

Operating System:

Description OS Release Date Size (MB) DOWNLOAD
Bluetooth,BROADCOM (Driver) (ver. Win XP 2009-7-8 46.04 Download
Camera,Namuga (Driver) (ver.7.11.717.3) Win XP 2009-11-3 19.99 Download
Chipset (Driver) (ver. Win XP 2008-10-13 2.05 Download
Lan (Driver) (ver. Win XP 2009-7-7 1.16 Download
Sound(Audio) (Driver) (ver. Win XP 2008-10-13 91.96 Download
Touchpad (Driver) (ver. Win XP 2008-10-13 6.24 Download
VGA(Graphics),INTEL (Driver) (ver. Win XP 2009-6-1 17.25 Download
Wireless LAN,ATHEROS (Driver) (ver. Win XP 2011-8-10 33.72 Download
Camera,D-MAX (Driver) (ver.7.11.717.2) Win XP 2009-10-19 15.92 Download
Bluetooth,BROADCOM (Driver) (ver. Win7 32bit 2009-10-8 58.05 Download
Camera (Driver) (ver.343.2001.4001.19) Win7 32bit 2009-10-8 3.35 Download
Chipset (Driver) (ver. Win7 32bit 2009-10-8 2.47 Download
Lan (Driver) (ver. Win7 32bit 2009-10-8 1.35 Download
Sound(Audio) (Driver) (ver. Win7 32bit 2009-10-8 18.59 Download
Touchpad (Driver) (ver. Win7 32bit 2010-3-24 28.33 Download
VGA(Graphics),INTEL (Driver) (ver. Win7 32bit 2010-8-12 22.76 Download
Wireless LAN,ATHEROS (Driver) (ver. Win7 32bit 2011-8-10 33.73 Download
Qualcomm Atheros WLAN Driver (Driver) (ver. Win7 32bit 2012-7-11 74.16 Download

Operating System:

Description OS Release Date Size (MB) DOWNLOAD
Easy Display Manager (Software) (ver. Win XP 2009-4-20 17.17 Download
Magic Keyboard (Software) (ver. Win XP 2008-10-12 2.58 Download
Play Camera (Software) (ver. Win XP 2008-10-12 13.24 Download
Recovery Solution (Software) (ver. Win XP 2009-8-18 40.72 Download
SAMSUNG Battery Manager (Software) (ver. Win XP 2009-10-28 4.97 Download
SAMSUNG Magic Doctor (Software) (ver. Win XP 2009-8-2 4.58 Download
SAMSUNG Update Plus (Software) (ver. Win XP 2009-10-28 5.19 Download
Install Guide (Software) (ver. Win XP 2009-10-28 161.86 Download
Easy Network Manager (Software) (ver. Win XP 2009-8-2 17.02 Download
MS Hotfix Security (Software) (ver. Win XP 2009-10-28 23.17 Download
Easy Resolution Manager (Software) (ver. Win XP 2009-6-1 3.04 Download
Easy Battery Manager (Software) (ver. Win7 32bit 2009-10-7 3.88 Download
Easy Display Manager (Software) (ver. Win7 32bit 2009-10-7 17.75 Download
Easy Network Manager (Software) (ver. Win7 32bit 2009-12-21 17.02 Download
Easy SpeedUp Manager (Software) (ver. Win7 32bit 2009-10-7 8.15 Download
MCE Update (Software) (ver. Win7 32bit 2009-10-7 1.89 Download
MS Hotfix Common (Software) (ver. Win7 32bit 2009-12-21 165.59 Download
Recovery Solution (Software) (ver. Win7 32bit 2010-7-1 80.3 Download
Samsung Support Center (Software) (ver. Win7 32bit 2009-10-7 24.24 Download
SAMSUNG Update Plus (Software) (ver. Win7 32bit 2009-10-7 5.19 Download
Install Guide (Software) (ver. Win7 32bit 2009-10-7 160.26 Download
Easy Resolution Manager (Software) (ver. Win7 32bit 2009-12-21 3.19 Download
Description Release Date Language Size (MB) DOWNLOAD
User Manual (Win 7 ) (User Manual) (ver.1.0) 2009-10-22 ENGLISH 9.92 Download
User Manual (XP) (User Manual) (ver.2.4) 2009-11-2 ENGLISH 11.35 Download
User Manual (Win 7 ) (User Manual) (ver.1.0) 2009-10-22 SPANISH 9.96 Download
User Manual (XP) (User Manual) (ver.2.4) 2009-11-2 SPANISH 10.48 Download
User Manual (Win 7 ) (User Manual) (ver.1.0) 2009-10-22 KOREAN 12.13 Download
User Manual (XP) (User Manual) (ver.2.4) 2009-11-2 KOREAN 14.55 Download
Description OS Release Date Size (MB) DOWNLOAD
BIOS (Firmware) (ver.11CA) Win XP / Win 7 2009-9-15 2.27 Download
  • i have samsung nc10 netbook i want instal win xp i need seril s-ata driver for instal xp please can u give me

    thanks buhari

  • Do you think it is wise to get a Samsung NC10 or should I get an AsusEE?

    • olusola

      i choose asus c90 4u guy or if you think you can customermise xp i.e xp sata then go for samsung nc10

  • Ono

    Has anybody installed windows seven on samsung NP-NC 10?

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