Dell Latitude D630 ATG Laptop Tech Specifications

Dell Latitude D630 ATG Laptop

Dell Latitude D630 ATG Laptop

Durable Outside, Powerful Inside

The Latitude ATG is a tough, All Terrain Grade laptop designed for demanding work environments where dust, vibration and moisture are daily facts of life. Fully compatible with the standard Latitude D630, the Latitude ATG boasts a range of innovative features that can protect it from some of the harshest work environments and enhance its usability in demanding conditions. Perfect for industries like construction, manufacturing and oil and gas, as well as public organizations like police forces, the Latitude ATG is designed to put a high-performance business laptop in an incredibly durable and usable package.

Rugged, All-Terrain Performance

Built and tested to meet MIL-STD 810F, a tough military standard of durability, the Latitude ATG is designed to meet almost any physical challenge it might meet in even the most demanding work environments. It features a shock-mounted, removable hard drive, a shock-mounted LCD screen, a dust and spill-resistant keyboard, port covers and more. The Latitude ATG is prepared for dust, humidity, vibration and high altitudes, plus a lot of the accidental bumps and knocks that are part of the territory when you're working in the field.

High Durability Textured Paint

The Latitude ATG LCD back and edges are covered in a highly durable, textured paint that provides an additional layer of protection against scratches, scuffs and the daily wear that can come from working in demanding environments. Dell_latit_atgd630_back

Innovative Design

In addition to being rugged and durable, the Latitude ATG is designed for great usability in a variety of difficult work environments. It features a super-bright 500-nit LCD display with anti-reflective coating, so the screen can be easily seen on even the brightest days. On the other hand, if you're working in dark environments or at night, the ATG's special ATG task lights will illuminate the keyboard so you can stay productive anywhere. These features, along with its durability and high performance Intel Core 2 Duo dual-core processor, make the Latitude ATG a force to be reckoned with. Dell Latitude ATG D630 Laptop Tech Specifications:
Intel  Core  2 Duo Processor
Up to T7700 (2.40GHz,4MB L2 Cache)
Users who want an ultra-mobile laptop with a full-sized keyboard, widescreen display, blazing graphics, and robust video chat capabilities.
  Operating Systems
Genuine Windows Vista  Ultimate with Downgrade Rights Service to Windows  XP Professional Genuine Windows Vista  Business with Downgrade Rights Service to Windows  XP Professional Genuine Windows Vista  Ultimate Genuine Windows Vista  Business Genuine Windows Vista  Home Basic
For more details on Dell systems that run Windows Vista,
  Hard Drives
New Optional Solid State HD
Provides better performance and its lack of moving parts is designed to provide greater durability
Capacities up to 32GB

ATG Shock Mounted 80GB2 4200 RPM internal hard drive
Capacities up to 80GB2
1: HDD Case Top Cover 2: 1.8" 80GB2 4200RPM HDD 3: HDD Carrier Door 4: HDD Carrier 5: Rubberized HDD Casing 6: Magnesium Alloy Casing
Outdoor Viewable (500 nit)
The Latitude ATG boasts a super-bright 500 cd/m2 LCD display with a special non-reflective coating. A typical laptop has a screen brightness of 185 cd/m2 to 220 cd/m2, so at 500 cd/m2, the ATG is easily viewable in even the brightest conditions.
14.1"WXGA (1280 x 800 resolution)
  Memory & Graphics
DDR2 Shared Memory DDR2 offers Dual-Channel capability for additional bandwidth & performance, reduced power consumption and scalability to help increase performance with processor & chipset bus architecture.
Maximum Memory:
Supports up to 4GB DDR SDRAM shared 667MHz
Intel  Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 (Up to 256MB shared4)
The GMA X3100 graphics core is an intelligent and responsive graphics engine built into the chipset that is on the motherboard. This integration provides incredible visual quality, faster graphics performance and flexible display options.
  Chassis Ports
Front: Power, WiFi, HDD, Bluetooth & battery status Indicators, keyboard status indictors, volume Controls
Left Side: Security lock, Headphone/Speaker out, 1394 port, PCMCIA slot, Smart Card Reader slot, WiFi Cather, Primary HDD
Right Side: 2 USB 2.0, Media bay supports Latitude D/Family devices pr secondary battery
Back: RJ45, RJ11, 2 USB 2.0, Serial, VGA, DC Power In
Battery: Primary 6-cell/56 WHr "Smart"Li-Ion battery featuring ExpressCharge , Primary 9-cell/85 WHr "Smart"Li-Ion battery Secondary 6-cell/56 WHr "Smart"Li-Polymer battery featuring ExpressCharge
Dimensions: 1.74"/44.09mm x 13.46"/342mm x 9.44"/240mm
Weight: 6.34lbs with 6-cell battery and CD-ROM (depends on configuration and manufacturing variability) –preliminary weight
  Additional Features


Power Supply:
65 Watt or 90 Watt AC adapter with cord wrapping
Batteries featuring ExpressCharge :
Primary 4-cell/32 WHr
Primary 6-cell/56 WHr
Primary 9-cell/85 WHr with 90 watt AC adapter
Secondary 6-cell/48 WHr "Smart" Li-Polymer battery


Starting at: 6.34 lbs/2.71 kg
Width: 13.16”/342mm
Depth: 9.44”/240mm
Height: 1.74“/44.09mm


Wired: 56K v924 Internal Modem 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet network interface adaptor
Dell Wireless 5520 Mobile Broadband (Tri-band HSDPA 3.6) Mini-Card with service from AT&T (US) and Vodafone (select countries in Europe) Dell Wireless 5720 Mobile Broadband (EVDO Rev A) Mini-Card with service from Verizon Wireless (US) and Sprint (US)
Dell Wireless 1390 (802.11g); Dell Wireless 1490 (802.11a/g); Dell Wireless 1505 (802.11a/g/Draft n); Intel PRO/Wireless 3945AG (802.11a/g); Intel PRO/Wireless 4965AGN (802.11a/g/ Draft n) Mini-Cards, Dell Wireless 360 Bluetooth 2.0 internal wireless card (upgradable to Bluetooth 2.1 EDR) (optional).


PC Card:
One Type I or Type II
Supports 34mm ExpressCard via USB interface through PCMCIA adapter
Serial, docking connector, 4 USB, VGA, headphone/speaker out, RJ-11, RJ-45, AC power, integrated microphone
D/Port, D/Dock, D/View Laptop Stand, D/Monitor Stand
Modular Options:
DVDROM, 24X CD-ROM, 8X DVD +/-RW, 24X CDRW/DVD, Floppy Disk Drive, Secondary 6-cell battery, 80GB2 Hard Drive or Travel Lite Module


Physical Security:
Cable Lock Slots, Media Module and Hard Drive Locks.
User & System Security:
Integrated Smart Card Reader, Trusted Platform Module 1.2 and optional UPEK  finger print reader. Wave Embassy  Trust Suite by Wave Systems security software.
Network Security:
802.11 WiFi Protected Access (WPA), 802.11i (WPA2), 802.1x with EAP modes, Single Sign On and compatible CCX 4.0

19 thoughts on “Dell Latitude D630 ATG Laptop Tech Specifications

  1. i use dell d630 vista operating system on it and i format to xp Os. and i can’t found the sound again. i went to the dell site and download the sound driver( Dell Latitude ATG D630 Notebook Sigmatel Audio Driver For Win XP) but it does not work too.
    i will like you to help me
    or if their is any sound driver that can’t work for my system …………thank you

  2. i have problem with dell latitude atg d630; the liquid like glue stick out from lcd. How to service it? i m in indonesia.

  3. I also have a problem with Dell Latitude atg d630; there appears on my top right hand corner of the lcd a bubble thing around the size of the zero (0) character on the keyboard button.

  4. We have a ATG-D620 and after the bubbles formed at the top of the screen, we noticed a glue like leak from the both bottom corners. We are concerned about the leak and possible health risks.

  5. Experiencing the same issue in the top left corner of the screen – there are 5 or 6 bubbles forming behind the glass. DELL Latitude [Rugged] ATG D630 purchase 12/13/2008
    Also, I think I see the leak of something along the edges…

  6. We purchased 50 of these units (luckily with a 3 year warranty) and have replaced 31 of them so far. Dell is not replacing the LCD, but sent atg e6410s

    1. how were you able to get the e6410s – what did you say – they have been hanging onto ours for 3 weeks saying they will replace LCD and then not doing it

  7. We have a few of these at work. I recieved pictures in an email of two ATG LCD screens COMPLETELY melting and leaking all of its fluid onto the keyboard. These laptops are not heavy duty enough to be used in field work. If you want a good, heavy-duty computer, get the Panasonic Toughbook CF-52.

    If your ATG is still under warranty and the LCD liquid is spilling out, tell dell that it got ran over and they may send you a new laptop if you have complete coverage.

    I am typing this with an ATG D630 and some of the liquid from the screen is beginning to pool at the bottom of it. I am also noticing that the bottom corners of the screen are very dark, as if the screen is dying.

  8. I had the same problem about 6 months ago, several small bubbles forming at the top right and side of the screen on my ATG D630 (which was 2 years old at the time).

    Phoned dell support as it was still under warranty and a guy came out a few days later and replaced the whole screen, no questions asked.

  9. Hello there! I simply want to give you a huge thumbs up for your great info you
    have got right here on this post. I’ll be returning to your web site for more soon.

  10. Estoy usando en este momento una ATG D630 de DELL y también tiene el mismo problema mencionado por ustedes, en la parte inferior del monitor desborda un líquido que parece pegamento y sobre los margenes izquierdo y derecho de la pantalla se observan dos burbujas a lo largo de los márgenes derecho e izquierdo.

  11. Has anyone got the MSDS sheet for the substance used as the glue in the LCD screen? I should have all the properties and cleanup options. Dell should be able to provide that if requested. Part of the laws of chemicals. Just a thought.

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