Everex StepNote NC1501 Notebook Windows XP,Vista Drivers

Everex StepNote NC1501 Notebook Windows XP,Vista Drivers

Everex StepNote NC1501 notebookDo it all with the Everex® StepNote® NC1501.  Utilizing the VIA C7-M processor, the latest evolution of the Best-Selling NC1500 provides users with ENERGY STAR qualified, ultra-low power consumption, advanced security features and 1.5GHz performance at a mere 12W peak power, allowing the new StepNote to retain the title as the world's most energy efficient notebook.

Running genuine Windows Vista® Home Basic operating system, the NC1501 lets you watch and create your own CDs and DVDs on a 15.4" DiamondBrite widescreen display, email friends and family or surf the Internet with either the built-in 56k modem, broadband-ready 10/100 Ethernet port or wireless 802.11b/g.

Download Everex StepNote NC1501 Notebook Windows XP and Vista Drivers:

Everex StepNote NC1501 Notebook

Product Documentation File Name (Right click to download)
User Manual (1.8MB): 141Page user manual covers basic product introduction, usage, setup, BIOS, upgrade, system recovery and
device driver installation procedures.
Quick Setup Guide (764KB): Graphical chart displaying key
components and setup for model NC1501
Warranty Agreement (1.0MB): 4 Page detailed information regarding the Everex Limited Warrantyeverex_limited warranty agreement.pdf
Detailed Specification (43KB): 1 Page product specification sheet. Version 1.0everex_stepnote_nc1501 specification.pdf
Drivers (For Windows Vista™ 32bit)File Name (Right click to download)
Audio (13.8MB):AUDIO.zip
Chipset (1.4MB):Chipset.zip
LAN (3.9MB):LAN.zip
Modem (7.7MB):MODEM.zip
Touchpad (24.0MB):TouchPad.zip
VGA (6.7MB):VGA.zip
WLAN (280KB):Wireless LAN.zip
Drivers (Windows® XP): Use and installation of software, drivers
and utilities not originally supplied with your Everex PC is not recommended or supported by Everex.  Use with caution.  Everex
does not take responsibility for incorrect usage, incompatibility or damage caused by installation of non-authorized software.  Everex recommends backing up any relevant information before installation.
File Name (Right click to download)
Audio (7.5MB): Installation utility for VIA TV1708A Vinyl High-Definition Audio. Version 1.0.000Audio.zip
Chipset (5.2MB): VIA VN896 and VT8237A driversChipset.zip
LAN (560KB): VIA Rhine Family Fast Ethernet Adapter, Version 3.58


Modem (1.7MB): HDAUDIO Soft Data Fax Modem with Smart CP drivermodem.zip
Touchpad (2.0MB): Alps Touch Pad Driver Version 5.5.1402 with InstallerTouchPad.zip
VGA (8.8MB): VIA S3 Graphics drivers, version 2.00.35VGA.zip
WLAN (3.7MB): Wireless LAN Communications, Inc.

Download Everex NC1500,NC1501,NC1501T Notebook Windows XP Drivers, Notebook VGA Driver,Audio driver,Chipset Driver, Touchpad driver,Wireless Driver,Lan Driver,Modem Driver.

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  1. i have a everex laptop and need to install a driver for wireless, the laptop has xp and is N series …. what is the link that i can find the appropriate download for wireless in the laptop?

  2. There is a problem with the keyboard, that the TouchPad driver didn’t fix. Without the use of the keyboard is there any way to switch the wireless card on/off. Maybe I should just have the keyboard replaced….. Thank you

    yours is the only one that has drivers that worked for me. plus not wanting $29.99 plus tax.
    thank you

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