Fingerprint Recognition Technology via OmniPass v3.0 (Fujitsu)

Fingerprint Recognition Technology via OmniPass v3.0 (Fujitsu)

With the advent of user name and password authentication on secured websites, mobile users are pressured to remember all their login information. However, with the advanced AuthenTec TruePrint™ technology, mobile users no longer need to remember multiple user names and passwords as log-ons can be programmed to their unique fingerprint impressions, assuring a secure and convenient access to confidential files and folders, webmails, Internet banking or other secure Internet log-ons.

How the fingerprint scanner works:

Using capacitance sensor-based technology, a semiconductor device uses constant electrical signals to create an image of the fingerprint ridge and valley patterns. Unlike other fingerprint technologies that read patterns on the actual skin surface, capacitive sensors read fingerprint images beneath, thus ensuring accuracy and reduce the need for multiple swipes.

User’s identity is authenticated by matching current measurements of his biometric properties with measurements taken and stored during the enrolment process. When user places his finger on the sensor, the current fingerprint pattern is compared to the stored and access is granted only when the patterns are identical.


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