Fujitsu LifeBook P7230 Notebook Windows Vista Drivers

Fujitsu LifeBook P7230 Notebook Windows Vista Drivers

Fujitsu LifeBook P7230 Notebook-2 Elegance redefined. Simplicity reinvented. Created for one whose taste is never in question, the sleek lines of the LifeBook P7230 conceals a full range of features like the Fujitsu 3D Shock Sensor in a light form factor.

  • Intel 945GMS Express Chipset, Intel Centrino Duo processor technology
  • 10.6-inch SuperFine Wide XGA TFT, 1280 x 768 pixels
  • Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
  • Full-featured with integrated optical disk drive and built-in 1.3 Mega Pixels camera
  • Excellent mobile computing in a compact and light form factor with long battery life
  • Superior security features with RF-based fingerprint sensor and 3-axis shock sensor utility
  • Optimised VoIP communications using dual digital array built-in microphones
  • Download Fujitsu LifeBook P7230 Notebook Windows Vista Drivers:

    Driver NameReadme fileVersionSize(bytes)
    Audio V.,442,266
    ACPI Device Driver (FUJ02B1)ReadmeV.1.23219,961
    Bluetooth Unknown Device Driver (FUJ02E1) V.,970
    Bluetooth Device Driver V.,864,815
    Chipset Device Driver V.,679
    Camera Driver (For model with Ricoh Camera module) V.6.1005.301.0682,962
    Camera Driver (For model with Fujitsu WebCam module) V.,804,952
    Fujitsu HotKey Utility (Eng) V.3.05,653,075
    Fujitsu HotKey Utility (Traditional Chinese) V.3.05,653,782
    Fujitsu HotKey Utility (Simplified Chinese) V.3.05,653,246
    Fujitsu System Extension Driver (FUJ02E3)ReadmeV.1.20218,253
    Fujitsu Display Manager Utility (Eng) V.5.0L113,549,378
    Fujitsu Display Manager Utility (Traditional Chinese) V.5.0L114,487,414
    Fujitsu Display Manager Utility (Simplified Chinese) V.5.0L114,487,386
    Fujitsu System Extension Utility (Eng) V.2.115,549,830
    Fujitsu System Extension Utility (Traditional Chinese) V.2.115,530,105
    Fujitsu System Extension Utility (Simplified Chinese) V.2.115,530,083
    FingerPrint Sensor driver (For model with FingerPrint Sensor) V.,738,034
    FingerPrint Softex Omnipass Utility (For model with FingerPrint Sensor)ReadmeV.5.00.91C25,041,742
    Fujitsu Shock Sensor Utility V.2.0L204,153,769
    Fujitsu Power Saving Utility V.3.0L115,904,607
    LAN V.,486
    Modem V.2.1.74902,293
    MultiMedia Bay V.2.43.011,993,038
    Security Panel (Eng) (For model with Security Panel) V.2.011,183,604
    Security Panel (Traditional Chinese) (For model with Security Panel) V.2.011,073,379
    Security Panel (Simplified Chinese) (For model with Security Panel) V.2.011,073,137
    TPM Driver (For model with Trusted Platform Module) V.,949
    TouchPad Mouse V.,265,739
    Touch Button Application (Eng) V.7.09,746,626
    Touch Button Application (Traditional Chinese) V.7.09,731,690
    Touch Button Application (Simplified Chinese) V.7.09,729,527
    UMTS Device Driver (For model with UMTS modulel) Build_156418,629,713
    Video V.,791,919
    Wireless LAN for model with Intel 3945ABG module V.,701,381
    Wireless LAN for model with Atheros module V.,840,228

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