Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T726 Tablet PC Windows 10 64bit Drivers, Applications, Manuals

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T726 Drivers, Utilities and Manuals for Windows 10 64bit.

DownloadDriver NameVersionSize
DownloadChipset Software10.
DownloadIntel(R) Rapid Storage Technology14.5.2.1088-A11.7MB
DownloadIntel(R) Active Management Technology11.0L0394.1MB
DownloadGraphics Driver (Intel)
DownloadAudio Driver6.0.1.7614201MB
DownloadBluetooth Software18.1.1546.27628.06MB
DownloadEthernet Adapter Driver (Intel)
DownloadWireless LAN Driver18.21.0.2154MB
DownloadSierra Wireless WWAN Driver6.16.4323.030314.7MB
DownloadPointing Device Driver15.12.1.3113MB
DownloadSmart Card Reader Driver1.1.4.24313.9MB
DownloadTablet Button Driver6.1.0624.2015363KB
DownloadIntel(R) Integrated Sensor Solution Driver3.0.12.305322.8MB
DownloadWeb Camera Driver (Realtek)10.0.10240.1115219.2MB
DownloadMemory Card Reader Driver10.0.10143.212788.92MB
DownloadFingerprint Sensor Driver4.5.314.016.8MB
DownloadFujitsu BIOS Driver1.2.16.75MB
DownloadFUJ02E3 Device Driver1.30.3741KB
DownloadWireless Radio Switch Driver2.0.06.85MB
DownloadUtility NameVersionSize
DownloadFujitsu System Extension Utility3.6.34.81MB
DownloadFujitsu System Manager8.00.0626.201314.6MB
DownloadAnytime USB Charge Utility3.
DownloadAuto Rotation Utility2.01.00.0017.05MB
DownloadFujitsu Battery Utility4.02.43.01711.7MB
DownloadFujitsu Mobility Center Extension4.01.00.0008.07MB
DownloadFujitsu Function Manager1.
DownloadPointing Device Utility2.3.14.08MB
DownloadSierra Wireless SkylightBuild4290119MB
DownloadFujitsu Workplace Protect1.12.012679MB
Document NameVendorVersionSize
DownloadImage Backup and Recovery Guide for Windows 10Fujitsu743KB

How to install muliple drivers:

  • Readme LIFEBOOK T726 Windows 10 64bit (Refer Readme for software install order and notes) , Download

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