Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T938 Laptop Windows 10 Drivers, Applications, Updates

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T938 Laptop

Download Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T938 Laptop Windows 10 Drivers, Applications, Manuals and Updates.

Driver NameVersionSizeDownload
Chipset Software10.1.1.443.07MBDOWNLOAD
Intel Rapid Storage Technology15.7.1.1015-A16.77MBDOWNLOAD
Intel Active Management Technology11.7.0.1043100.24MBDOWNLOAD
Intel Graphics Driver22.20.16.4836162.8MBDOWNLOAD
Audio Driver6.0.1.8356211.96MBDOWNLOAD
Intel Bluetooth Software20.0.0.1113.62MBDOWNLOAD
Intel Ethernet Adapter Driver12.
Intel Wireless LAN Driver20.0.0.999.18MBDOWNLOAD
Realtek USB LAN Driver10.16.321.20173.91MBDOWNLOAD
Sierra Wireless WWAN Driver7.47.4743.030515.16MBDOWNLOAD
Synaptics Pointing Device Driver19.0.13.2071.84MBDOWNLOAD
Alcor Micro Smart Card Reader1.
PalmSecure Sensor Driver3.
Fujitsu Button Device Driver7.2.2017.11020.14MBDOWNLOAD
Intel Integrated Sensor Solution Driver3.1.0.34292.88MBDOWNLOAD
Intel Serial IO Driver30.100.1724.22.44MBDOWNLOAD
Web Camera Driver(Realtek)10.0.15063.1129612.48MBDOWNLOAD
Memory Card Reader Driver(Realtek)10.0.15063.212997.76MBDOWNLOAD
Fingerprint Sensor Driver4.5.342.01.46MBDOWNLOAD
Fujitsu FUJ0420 Device Driver1.
Fujitsu FUJ02E3 Device Driver4.
Fujitsu BIOS Driver2.
Wireless Radio Switch Driver2.
Utility NameVersionSizeDownload
Fujitsu Software AutoInstaller3.5.2017.12145.7MBDOWNLOAD
Fujitsu System Extension Utility4.
Anytime USB Charge Utility3.
Auto Rotation Utility2.01.01.0019.38MBDOWNLOAD
Battery Change Utility1.
Fujitsu Battery Utility4.02.43.02110.25MBDOWNLOAD
Fujitsu Mobility Center Extension4.01.00.0007.71MBDOWNLOAD
Fujitsu Function Key Lock Utility1.
Function Manager1.
LIFEBOOK Application Panel8.5.136.88MBDOWNLOAD
Mic Mute Utility1.
Pen Low Battery Notification1.
Pointing Device Utility2.4.44.36MBDOWNLOAD
Sierra Wireless Skylight458538.02MBDOWNLOAD
WorkPlace Protect1.33.0175117MBDOWNLOAD
BIOS Update - WindowsFujitsu1.057.25MBDOWNLOAD
Document NameVendorVersionSizeRemarks
User ManualFujitsu1.34MBDOWNLOAD
Image Backup and Recovery Guide for Windows 10Fujitsu742KBDOWNLOAD

How to install and extract multiple drivers:

  • Fujitsu Software Download Manager (Utility to automatically download all software packages) , Download
  • Readme LIFEBOOK T938 Windows 10 64-bit (Refer Readme for software install order and notes) , Download
  • 7-Zip File Archiver (Utility to extract compressed software packages) , Download

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