Fujitsu LifeBook U2010 UMPC Notebook Drivers for Windows Vista

Fujitsu LifeBook U2010 UMPC Notebook Drivers for Windows Vista

Fujitsu LifeBook U2010 UMPC Notebook

The new Fujitsu LifeBook U2010 is the ultimate 3-in-1 PC companion. Featuring full computing capabilities in an ultra-mobile unit that fits snugly in your palm, it will change the way you work, play and entertain. Business users on the go will appreciate the robust processing power and efficient energy consumption of the U2010 .

Download Fujitsu LifeBook U2010 UMPC Notebook Windows Vista Drivers

Driver NameReadme fileVersionSize(bytes)
Audio V.,075,006
ACPI Device Driver (FUJ02B1)ReadmeV.1.23219,961
Bluetooth Device Driver V.6.00.10f30,934,878
Chipset Device Driver V.,272,882
Fujitsu System Extension Driver (FUJ02E3)ReadmeV.1.20218,253
Fujitsu FingerPrint Sensor Device Driver V.,520,006
Fujitsu Button Driver V.4.1.0302.2008313,228
Fujitsu Button Utility V.7.02.0625.20088,196,571
FM Transmitter Device Driver V.3.0L1112,155,439
GPS Device Driver (For model with GPS module) V.,415,675
LAN V.6.10558,176
Mouse Device Driver V.7.0.403.32,104,157
Memory Card Slot Device Driver V.2.252,584,764
SmartCard Device Driver V.,377,521
Touch Panel Device Diver V.1.0L04213,295
UMTS Device Driver (For model with UMTS module) V.176122,496,784
Video V.,544,356
WebCam Device Driver V.2.012,319,021
Wireless LAN  V.,585,173
Tools and Utility   
Fujitsu System Extension UtilityReadmeV.2.6017,112,659
Fujitsu HotKey UtilityReadmeV.3.2123,044,799
Fujitsu Display Manager Utility V.6.1L337,954,735
Fujitsu Power Saving UtilityReadmeV.3.0L24d6,137,043
Fujitsu Zoom Utility V.1.0L122,060,551
Fujitsu Support Centre Utility V.1.101,715,945
Fujitsu Mobility Center Extension Utility V.1.0L102,951,139

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