Gateway NE56R Notebook Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Drivers, Applications, Manuals


Download Gateway NE56R Laptop Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Drivers, Software, Update and Manuals.

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SATA AHCI DriverIntel11.5.0.120711.8 MB10/18/2012Download
SATA AHCI DriverIntel11.1.0.100611.8 MB05/14/2012Download
SATA AHCI DriverIntel11.5.4.100111.8 MB09/28/2012Download
Audio DriverRealtek6.0.1.6543189.2 MB05/14/2012Download
Audio DriverRealtek6.0.1.6657239.6 MB10/19/2012Download
Audio DriverRealtek6.0.1.6657239.5 MB09/28/2012Download
Audio DriverRealtek6.0.1.7040394.1 MB10/12/2013Download
Bluetooth DriverBroadcom12.0.0.7850183.9 MB02/10/2014Download
Bluetooth DriverAtheros8.0.1.305208.2 MB10/12/2013Download
Bluetooth DriverAtheros8.0.0.206185.9 MB09/28/2012Download
Bluetooth DriverBroadcom12.0.0.1800171.0 MB09/28/2012Download
Card Reader DriverBroadcom15. MB05/14/2012Download
Card Reader DriverBroadcom15. MB05/18/2012Download
Card Reader DriverBroadcom15. MB10/18/2012Download
Card Reader DriverBroadcom16.0.2.312.1 MB05/28/2013Download
Card Reader DriverBroadcom16.0.2.815.9 MB10/12/2013Download
Card Reader DriverBroadcom15. MB10/18/2012Download
Chipset DriverIntel9.3.0.10202.9 MB05/14/2012Download
Chipset DriverIntel9.3.0.10212.9 MB10/18/2012Download
Chipset DriverIntel9.3.0.10212.9 MB09/28/2012Download
LAN DriverBroadcom15. MB05/14/2012Download
ME (Management Engine)DriverIntel8.1.0.126347.9 MB10/18/2012Download
ME (Management Engine)DriverIntel9.5.14.172455.9 MB10/12/2013Download
Other Drivers (RF Button)Dritek2.02.2001.08031009.6 KB10/12/2013Download
Touchpad DriverSynaptics16.2.10.19128.5 MB10/19/2012Download
Touchpad DriverELANTECH11.6.24.203114.0 MB07/18/2013Download
Touchpad DriverELANTECH11.6.27.201123.2 MB10/12/2013Download
Touchpad DriverALPS8.100.2020.10615.0 MB09/28/2012Download
Touchpad DriverELANTECH11.6.8.1181.0 MB09/28/2012Download
Touchpad DriverALPS8.0.2020.20457.8 MB10/12/2013Download
Touchpad DriverSynaptics17.0.6.13121.7 MB10/18/2013Download
Touchpad DriverELANTECH11.6.11.002180.4 MB10/18/2012Download
Touchpad DriverSynaptics16.2.10.12118.6 MB09/28/2012Download
Touchpad DriverSynaptics15.3.41.598.2 MB05/14/2012Download
Turbo Boost
Turbo Boost DriverIntel8.0.0.126239.7 MB07/05/2012Download
Turbo Boost DriverIntel8.1.0.126347.9 MB09/28/2012Download
USB 3.0
USB 3.0 DriverIntel1.0.4.2205.2 MB03/11/2013Download
USB 3.0 DriverIntel1.0.4.2205.2 MB05/14/2012Download
VGA DriverNVIDIA9.18.13.0717417.6 MB03/06/2013Download
VGA DriverIntel9.17.10.2843112.3 MB10/31/2012Download
VGA DriverIntel9.17.10.2867137.1 MB11/01/2012Download
VGA DriverNVIDIA8.17.12.9632330.0 MB01/25/2013Download
VGA DriverNVIDIA9.18.13.0546420.1 MB09/28/2012Download
VGA DriverNVIDIA9.18.13.0630237.1 MB10/19/2012Download
VGA DriverNVIDIA326.49252.3 MB10/18/2013Download
VGA DriverIntel10.18.10.3304154.4 MB10/12/2013Download
VGA DriverIntel9.17.10.2843152.1 MB10/18/2012Download
VGA DriverIntel9.17.10.2867137.1 MB11/01/2012Download
VGA DriverNVIDIA8.17.12.9555330.9 MB05/14/2012Download
VGA Driver (PhysX)NVIDIA9.11.111130.4 MB05/14/2012Download
VGA DriverIntel8.15.10.2653268.1 MB05/14/2012Download
VGA DriverIntel9.17.10.2843264.3 MB09/28/2012Download
Wireless LAN
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros10.0.0.26343.0 MB10/30/2013Download
Wireless LAN DriverBroadcom6.30.223.17014.6 MB02/12/2014Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros10.0.0.225226.3 MB03/01/2013Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros10.0.0.3839.8 MB01/13/2014Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros10.0.0.7537.9 MB10/24/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros10.0.0.7537.9 MB09/28/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros10.0.0.217224.1 MB12/04/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverRealtek2007.3.0821.201218.6 MB10/19/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverBroadcom6.30.59.2034.5 MB09/28/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros10.0.0.217224.1 MB12/04/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros10.0.0.7537.9 MB10/18/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros9.2.0.48039.3 MB05/14/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverIntel15.5.0.4211.9 MB09/28/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverRealtek1005.28.1006.201119.6 MB05/14/2012Download
Wireless LAN DriverBroadcom5.100.82.11259.2 MB05/14/2012Download
Shipping Document
Battery MSDS UN383 CNAS COO for air transportationGateway1.09.9 MB08/28/2013Download
User Manual
User Manual (Windows 8)Gateway1.02.6 MB03/19/2013Download
User ManualGateway1.03.6 MB05/14/2012Download
User Manual (Windows 8)Gateway02.01.0223.5 MB11/30/2012Download
- UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)Update F2 function for the scenario "End-user shutdown and then power on the system based on Win8/Win8.1"Gateway2.214.0 MB01/27/2014Download
BIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)Gateway2.174.0 MB10/18/2013Download
BIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)Gateway2.154.0 MB08/27/2013Download
BIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)Gateway2.144.0 MB08/28/2013Download
BIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)Gateway2.134.0 MB08/28/2013Download
BIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)Gateway2.074.0 MB10/29/2012Download
BIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)Gateway2.064.0 MB10/22/2012Download
BIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)Gateway2.044.0 MB08/30/2013Download
BIOSGateway1.133.8 MB10/22/2012Download
BIOSGateway1.113.8 MB10/01/2012Download
BIOSGateway1.103.8 MB09/10/2012Download
BIOSGateway1.096.9 MB08/20/2012Download
BIOSGateway1.089.5 MB07/17/2012Download
BIOSGateway1.076.9 MB05/21/2012Download
WebCam ApplicationCyberlink1.5.2108.0031.3 MB05/14/2012Download
Device Fast-Lane
Device Fast-Lane ApplicationGateway1.00.30073.3 MB09/28/2012Download
ePower Management ApplicationGateway6.00.301011.0 MB05/14/2012Download
ePower Management ApplicationGateway7.00.300618.8 MB09/28/2012Download
LaunchManager ApplicationDritek7.0.520.8 MB09/28/2012Download
LaunchManager ApplicationDritek5.1.157.2 MB05/14/2012Download
LaunchManager ApplicationDritek5.2.17.5 MB01/08/2013Download
LaunchManager ApplicationDritek5.2.17.5 MB01/08/2013Download
LaunchManager ApplicationAcer7.0.1020.8 MB10/12/2013Download
Live Updater
Live Updater ApplicationGateway2.00.30042.4 MB09/28/2012Download
Turbo Boost
Turbo Boost ApplicationIntel2. MB05/14/2012Download

There are currently no patches for this system.

23 thoughts on “Gateway NE56R Notebook Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Drivers, Applications, Manuals

    1. Dear JAGWESH,
      I Want To Know About GATEWAY NE56R Have Bluetooth Or Not.
      Please Reply Me.

      “Waiting For Your Answer”


  1. sir…my web cam from my notebok ne56r/ne51b stop work suddenly and the installer also desapear from hd….an i can’t get the driver from website

  2. when installing windows 7, I am not able to see partition of my HD with LINUS OS. How to get it? presently after installing Windows 7, in MY COMPUTER, I can see only 230GB as C-drive. other drive is not visible.

  3. Caros,

    Acebei de adiquirir um notebook gateway ne56r 43u

    O problema é que ele estava funcionando normalmente, mas de repente cliquei em algum tecla que ele fica com a tela escura, como se estivesse bloqueada…

    Algume tem alguma ideia de como posso resolver isto ?
    Obrigado por ajudar

    1. Hello- I recently ran into the same problem with my NE56R USB2 ports. I just downloaded the “Turbo Boost Driver 09/28/2012” from the driver list above, and it seems to have fixed my issue. I thought I would share with you to see if it fixes your problem as well. Can you please let me know if this works for you. Good luck, and I hope it does!

  4. Dear all my accer gateway ne56r 2 usb ports are notworking.why?what is the problem?how can i rectify the problem?plz give the suggestion.

    1. Hello- I recently ran into the same problem with my NE56R USB2 ports. I just downloaded the “Turbo Boost Driver 09/28/2012” from the driver list above, and it seems to have fixed my issue. I thought I would share with you to see if it fixes your problem as well. Can you please let me know if this works for you. Good luck, and I hope it does!

  5. My Gateway NE56R USB2 ports have also just recently stopped working. Is there a fix for this problem? It seems several are having it. I have tried re-installing drivers from my drivers disk to no avail. Please help us support!

  6. sir ,
    i have gateway ne56r .its window having problem .its complains in approx 30day your window is not genuine…..please help me………

  7. I can’t install ubuntu on my system ne563r and even i cant load backtrack. how to overcome this problem. Pls help me in this issue..

  8. dear sir, i have gateway NE56R notebook nd i have also a driver disk but i can’t install the bluetooth driver so pls sir to help me. how can i to install the bluetooth driver

  9. Hi,I am using Acer Gateway NE56R ,from beginning while using internet and watching videos sound is very low ,even unable to audible.Can any one fix solution for this please.

  10. tengo problemos con el internet, al conectarme a ua red fija (cable) reconoce la conexión pero no la habilita unicamente me muestra un mensaje: conexion limited

  11. I can’t install vga driver on windows 8.1 in my gateway ne56r laptop. I downloaded it from the official gateway website but the system says “the system does not meet the minimum requirements”.

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