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Gateway NV50A Notebook

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Audio DriverRealtek6.0.1.614195.8 MB09/07/2010Download
Bluetooth DriverBroadcom6.3.0.590059.0 MB09/07/2010Download
Bluetooth DriverAtheros6.29.725.30263.5 MB09/07/2010Download
Bluetooth DriverAtheros6.29.725.30263.5 MB09/07/2010Download
Bluetooth Driver (3.0)Broadcom6.3.0.600059.0 MB10/19/2010Download
Bluetooth Driver (3.0)Atheros7.01.000.1857.3 MB10/19/2010Download
Bluetooth Driver (3.0)Broadcom6.3.0.600059.0 MB10/19/2010Download
Card Reader DriverRealtek6.1.7600.301228.3 MB09/07/2010Download
LAN DriverBroadcom14.0.1.0127.9 MB09/07/2010Download
Touchpad DriverSynaptics14. MB06/13/2011Download
Touchpad DriverALPS7.105.2002.13098.5 MB09/07/2010Download
Touchpad DriverSynaptics14. MB09/07/2010Download
Touchpad DriverELANTECH7.0.6.537.9 MB09/07/2010Download
Touchpad DriverALPS7.105.2002.13098.5 MB09/07/2010Download
Touchpad DriverALPS7.5.2002.13098.5 MB06/13/2011Download
Touchpad DriverELANTECH7.0.6.537.9 MB06/13/2011Download
VGA Driver (Radeon HD 6650M)AMD8.783.2130.3 MB01/20/2011Download
Wireless LAN
Wireless LAN DriverRealtek2016.2.0521.201016.6 MB09/07/2010Download
Wireless LAN DriverBroadcom5. MB09/07/2010Download
Wireless LAN DriverAtheros9.0.0.2029.2 MB09/07/2010Download
Generic UG
Generic User GuideGateway1.04.7 MB05/19/2010Download
Shipping Document
MSDS, UN38.3, CNAS of Battery pack for transportationPanasonic1.0993.3 KB03/04/2011Download
BIOSGateway2.143.9 MB08/08/2011Download
Updates empty BIOS SLIC table on non-Windows systems.Gateway2.133.8 MB05/03/2011Download
1. Updates dGPU VBIOS with VRAM golden setting.2. Adds Panel ID 0xA8/0xA9 from ABO Panel ID Table_rev2.3.Gateway2.123.8 MB04/25/2011Download
1. Supports new 1.3M camera modules.2. Supports new 15' panel IDs by ABO Panel ID Table v2.2.3. Supports new WLAN card for INT15 detection.Gateway2.113.8 MB04/18/2011Download
1. Adds up WMI function for Hdd numbers andd HDD password detection.2. Adds 15' panel IDs by ABO Panel ID Table v1.10.3. Adds up for new CCDs.Gateway2.103.8 MB03/21/2011Download
1. Fixes BSOD 0xD1 for WinXP.2. Updates Park vbios.(BR37957.002).Gateway2.093.8 MB02/14/2011Download
BIOSGateway2.073.8 MB01/17/2011Download
1. Updates VBIOS.2. Updates ADPCHK Value for product line.Gateway2.063.8 MB12/13/2010Download
1. Updates DIS VBIOS for VRAM fine-tuning.2. Modifies SCU security pages information.3. Adds Panel ID 0x7D.Gateway2.053.8 MB12/07/2010Download
1. Adds 3 CCD detection.2. Adds 15' panel IDs by ABO Panel ID Table v1.7.3. Fixes continue press USB mouse in S3 with lid close, system can not sleep.Gateway2.043.8 MB11/08/2010Download
Updates DIS VBIOS for BSOD 0x116 issue.Gateway2.033.8 MB10/25/2010Download
1. Fixes warm/cold boot hang 0x76 issue.2. Supports new BT module BU12.3. Adds new VBIOS for DIS VGA Whistler Pro & Seymour XT.4. Removes warning message of Battery ID checking feature.5. Removes 'Report No battery in OS' function of Battery ID checking feature.Gateway2.023.8 MB10/18/2010Download
1. Fixes ODD detection incorrect while no ODD exists.2. Enables SATA Clock Off.3. Adds New VID/DID of WLAN Cards for INT15 Detection.4. Adds Sanyo 4 cell battery.Gateway2.013.8 MB09/24/2010Download
BIOS 2.xx for Windows 7 only1. Adds Battery ID checking feature.2. Fixes INT15 cannot identify BT vendor on PEWx6 8-layer UMA.3. Supports Robson VGA.4. Fixes BT will not be re-detected after loading BIOS default setting in SCU.Gateway2.003.8 MB09/13/2010Download
Application (Screensaver)Gateway1.1.0806.201010.1 MB09/03/2010Download
Application (Screensaver)Gateway1.1.0806.201010.1 MB09/03/2010Download
Acer UpdaterAcer1.02.35027.8 MB04/13/2012Download
Application (Screensaver)Gateway1.1.0806.201010.1 MB09/03/2010Download
WebCam ApplicationSuyin0. MB09/07/2010Download
WebCam Applicationliteon2. MB09/07/2010Download
WebCam ApplicationChicony1.7.137.7065.8 MB09/07/2010Download
ePower Management ApplicationGateway5.00.30059.7 MB10/15/2010Download
LaunchManager ApplicationDritek4.0.146.1 MB09/07/2010Download

There are currently no patches for this system.

Download Gateway NV50A Series Notebook Win7 32/64bit Drivers, Software, User Manuals, Patch, Firmware, BIOS Update & Tech Support. Include Video, VGA, Display Card (Radeon HD 6650M) Driver, Audio/Sound driver,Bluetooth Driver, Web Camera Driver Application, Card Reader Driver, Chipset Driver, LAN Driver, Touchpad Driver, Wireless LAN Driver, ePower Management Application, User Guide, Support Documents, Quick Start Guide.