BIOS Update for Windows 8 (32-bit, 64-bit) – Notebook

NameOperating SystemVersionReleasedDownload
BIOS Update
Windows 8 32bit,
Windows 8 64bit
1.2131 Oct 2013Download
Windows 8 32bit,
Windows 8 64bit
1.2131 Oct 2013Download

Supported Systems

  • IdeaPad Z400, Z400 Touch, Z500, Z500 Touch
  • IdeaPad P400 Touch, P500, P500 Touch

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 8 32-bit, 64-bit

Important Information

  • BIOS, abbreviation of Basic Input/Output System, is integrated in ROM chip on main board, which contains the basic input/output program, system configuration information, system startup self-check and pre-setup programs. BIOS provides most basic low-level hardware operations; it is the connection between software and hardware, and interfacing window of hardware and operating system.

    Note: Make note of any settings you have changed in the BIOS Configuration Utility. These settings may have to be re-entered after updating the BIOS.

    Attention: Do not power off or restart your computer during the BIOS flashing process, which will cause serious damage and improper functioning of your computer.

Updated Information

  • Latest Version BIOS fixed all merged issues from previous.

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