BIOS Update

NameOperating SystemVersionReleasedDownload
BIOS Update
36CN11WW Z465.txt
2.12 MB
Windows XP,
Windows 7 32bit
1115 Apr 2011Download
BIOS Update
2.12 MB
Windows XP,
Windows 7 32bit
1115 Apr 2011Download

Important information

Lenovo strongly suggests rebooting the system before applying the BIOS update.

Fixes and enhancements

Latest Version BIOS fixed all merged issues from previous.

Change history


1. Fixed The "Lenovo SN" information will lost if plugged un-supported panel.

2. Fix issue "It will auto restart when using dos flash with wrong command."

3. Keep external USB port to fixed DC mode resume from S3 cause external USB port

of USB HID can't recognized. Show "unknown device".


1. Fixed unable to install XP.


1. Fixed external mouse will auto resume when entry S3 in AC mode.


1. Fixed wireless LAN disable no function on setup menu.(CCIC248)

2. Fixed PCIE New Card can't hot-plug.(CCIC244)

3. Fixed sometimes HDD password didn't keep when set HDD password in setup menu.(CCIC253)

Installation instructions

1. Locate the file 36CN11WW.exe that has been downloaded.

2. Double click the 36CN11WW.exe icon.

3. Click install

4. Click flash bios

5. Press Enter to start flashing. During the process, you are advised not to turn off the computer.

6. When the update finishes, the computer will automatically reboot for the changes to take effect.

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