LG XNOTE E530 Series Notebook Tech Specifications

LG XNOTE E530 Notebook

LG XNOTE E530 Series Notebook PC Specifications:


39.5 cm (15.6 inches) LED TFT Color LCD


Intel® Core™ i5 / i3 Intel® Pentium® processor

The CPU differs depending on modeltype and cannot be replaced by the user.


NVIDIA® Geforce® GT 410M (NVIDIA® Optimus™ Technology)

or Intel® HD Graphics 3000(Dynamic Video Memory Technology)

When processing large graphic data like 3D graphics. it utilizesdynamically allocated shared graphics memory. The size of the allocatedmemory depends on the system memory size.

Main Memory


Each socket supports 1024 MB to 4096 MB, and the maximum capacityof the main board is 8 GB (8,192 MB).

Only 64 bit OS supportsmore than 3 GB memory. Windows® XP and 32 bit Windows® 7 do not support more than 3 GB memory.

Mainboard Chipset

Intel HM65

Hard Disk

6.35 cm (2.5 inches) SATA Hard Disk Drive


Bluetooth 3.0 + HS

If you connect to Bluetoothdevice and wireless LAN at the same time, the system may become slow.

In order to use Bluetooth 3.0, the device you want to connectto should support Bluetooth 3.0.

Wireless LAN

Ralink RT3090BC4 (802.11bgn, WiFi / Bluetooth combo card)

Manufacturersand installers cannot provide services related to human safety asthis wireless device may cause radio interference.

Web Camera

0.3 Mega Webcam


Gigabit Ethernet

Product Weight

Approx. 2.8 kg (6-cell battery andODD included)

The weight may differ according to the model.

Battery weight

355 g (6-cell)

Types and specifications of display, CPU, Graphics,hard disk, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN and Web Camera may differ dependingon the computer model. The user must not replace them.

Power Supply and Environments

AC Adapter (Free Voltage)

Power Capacity: 65 W / 90 W

Input: AC100 V to 240 V, 1.5 A to 20 A, 50 / 60 Hz

Output: DC19 V 3.42 A (65 W) or DC 19 V 4.74 A (90 W)

Battery (Li-Ion)

Rated Capacity: 11.1 V or 10.8 V

ChargingHours: At room temperature 10 °C to 40 °C. Power turned off - Lessthan 3 hours (Time may differ by model type.)

Not chargedunder 0 °C.

The above temperatures are internal temperaturesof the battery pack, and may be different from the actual room temperature.

Operating and Storage Conditions

Operating Temperature: 10 °C to 35°C

Operating Humidity: 20 % RH to 80 % RH

Storage Temperature:-10 °C to 60 °C

Storage Humidity: 10 % RH to 80 % RH

Power Consumption

Operating Conditions

Approximately 21 W

The system is running video clips.

Standby mode (Idle state)

Approximately 10 W

When the monitor display is off

Power Saving mode (Sleep Mode)

1.2 W or lower

In S3(Suspend)

Off Mode (Standby(off) Mode)

0.5 W or lower

The system is turned off.

The above power consumption is calculated on the assumptionthat the battery is fully charged. Power consumption duringoperation, standby, hibernate and off modes may differ depending onthe programs the system is running, product specifications and theadapter type. Even when the system is turned off, it consumesa minute amount of power, if supplied. To cut off the power supplycompletely, disconnect the power cord from the power outlet.

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