NEC VERSA S5500 Notebook Technical Specifications

NEC VERSA S5500 Notebook Technical Specifications

Disclaimer: 1. CPU performance may vary under different operating conditions and/or configuration design. Under certain conditions, the computer may automatically shut down as a normal protective measure. To avoid risk of lost data, regular back-ups are recommended. 2. The LCD panel contains an extremely large number of thin-film transistors (TFT). Small number of bright dots that may appear on your display are an intrinsic characteristic of the TFT manufacturing technology. 3. The amount of system memory allocated to support graphics may vary depending on the graphics system, applications utilized, system memory size and other factors. 4. One GB means one billion bytes, accessible capacity may be less. 5. Battery life tested using Ziff Davis Media Inc.'s Business Winstone® 2004 BatteryMark™ Version 1.0.1. A description of the environment under which the test was performed is available at . Battery life span may vary based on many factors including but not limited to configuration, applications, power management settings, features, screen brightness and battery conditioning. 6. Thickness may vary at certain points on the system. 7. Weight may vary depending on product configuration, vendor components, manufacturing variability and options selected. 8. Number of software titles and version bundled may vary with model & retail package. 9. Intel® turbo memory availability depended on product configuration. 10. Warranty conditions may vary by country. 11. The system memory recognized by the system may differ from the physical memory, depending on the OS that is installed. Terms & conditions apply. Regional On-Site Warranty is available only in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. While NEC has made every effort at the time of publication to ensure the accuracy of the information provided herein, product specifications, configurations, warranty, pricing, system/component/options availability are all subject to change without notice. Actual products may differ slightly in appearance to illustrations shown. Availability and configurations may also vary by country. ABG or AGN Wireless LAN SKU might not available for Thailand region. NEC makes no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this publication. Software: NEC EZ Software only is available on notebook which is preloaded with Windows Vista® operating system. +PowerCinemaTM 5 only available on Windows Vista® Home Basic and Windows Vista® Business SKUs, CyberLink MagicDirector only available on Windows Vista® Home Basic and Windows Vista® Home Premium SKUs. For notebook preloaded with Windows Vista® Home Premium / Windows Vista® Ultimate, content management is handled by Media Center, and PowerCinemaTM is not available in that system. Intel Media Share is only available for SKU with Intel® Centrino Processor technology **Additional payment might be required to update or upgrade the software after the trial period. # South & South East Standard SKU comes with One year international warranty.

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  1. why my NEC S5500 are not same hardware as your view? is my laptop are changing inside hardware before i buy it? or it got a lot type of this model laptop?

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