Raon EVERUN S66HS UMPC Technical Specifications

Raon EVERUN S66HS UMPC Technical Specifications

Raon EVERUN S66HS UMPC You can enjoy fully functional Internet surfing, emailing, presentation, music listening, movie watching and so on. EVERUN is equipped with an AMD Geode LX900 featuring 600MHz of processing power. This chip from AMD provides some of the best power per watt performance in its class and with the AMD companion chipset is optimized for 2D performance, input output and office tasks. Real life performance is almost 3 times better than similar CPUs and provides far better power charactistics than even the most modern ‘power saving’ notebook CPUs. By running Windows XP Home edition, EVERUN gives you the most stable and versatile PC performance possible.

- Full WINDOW XP PC and Internet functionality
- Integrated Full Alphabet QWERTY Keypad
- Truly Ultra Portability, Weighing just 460g, with dimensions of 170(W) x 83(H) x 25(D)
- Longest Battery Life (as 7 hours with its standard battery.)

Raon EVERUN S66HS UMPC Technical Specifications:

600MHz AMD Geode LX 900
Operating System
Windows XP Home
High performance 2D graphics controller
(Windows GDI GUI acceleration)
Video RAM: shared video memory
CS5536 South Bridge
60G HDD + 6GB SSD Hybrid
System auto recovery support (only for HDD models)
512MB / DDR / 400MHz
4.8" Touch screen TFT LCD
800×480 Native resolution,
16.7M Color, 280cd / m2, 300:1 contrast ratio
Auto-Rotation / Auto-Brightness control
Zoom & Panorama : VGA up to 1680 x 1050 resolution
External display support : VGA up to 1920×1200
Full alphabet QWERTY keypad, Number & Function keys (F1~F12)
Other function keys (ESC, TAB, Caps Lock, etc.)
Edit keys (Del, Ins, BS, PgUp, PgDn, Home, End)
System control keys (mute, volume or brightness up/down, CPU clock control)
Arrow key (Joy pad), Optical touch mouse
Touch pen (passive digitizer)
(Total 73 front keys and 11 side keys)
Wireless and Networking
Wireless LAN: integrated 802.11b/g
Bluetooth: integrated Bluetooth 2.0
Ethernet (optional): 10/100Base-T Ethernet using docking station
One earphone jack
One microphone jack
Docking Connector (include VGA output signal)
DC Power connector
One USB 2.0 port (Host)
One USB mini-B port (Device)
AC97 sound system compatible
Internal 0.7W stereo speakers and microphone
Tone control, Bass Boost and 3D Enhancement 
Type: removable lithium-ion
Capacity: 2300mAh (Standard), 4000mAh (Large)
Real life: 6-7hours (Standard), 11- 12hours (Large)
Material: Polycarbonate
Size: 170(W) x 83(H) x 25(D) mm
Weight: 500g (with HDD)+100g (with expanded battery)
Accessories (Included in Standard Package)
Standard battery
Power adapter and cable
VGA adapter cable
Touch pen, Hand strap
Carrying case (cloth)
Optional Items
Batteries (Standard / Large)
DMB (external USB type)*
Navigation (USB type GPS receiver, Map SW*)
(*: Available for Korean market)
Future Support
Built-in 2M pixel Camera
Docking station (Fast battery charger, VGA out, Audio in & out, Optical SPDIF, CVBS and SVHS TV output, 3 USB Hub, 10/100 EtherNet)
Docking station for Car
Wireless WAN: integrated HSDPA modem or WiBro (WiMAX)

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