Sony VAIO PCG-C1 Notebook (PictureBook) Main Specification

SONY PCG-C1 VAIO PictureBook

SONY PCG-C1 main specification

ProcessorMMX (R) technology Pentium (R) processor (233MHz and built-in cash 32KB)
Chip set430TX PCI chip set
Secondary cache256KB (multiple bank (R) DRAM)
Hard diskApproximately 3.2GB (Ultra ATA)
Main memory standard/maximumWhen SDRAM 64MB/96MB (the 32MB memory module of PCGA-MM564SD and built-in was replaced,)
Expansion storage slot (the number of empty slots)Private memory slot 1 (0)
Graphic accelerator128bit high-speed graphic accelerator NeoMagic MagicMedia256AV
Video memory2.5MB (built-in to video tip/chip)
Built-in video camera1/6 type CCD 270,000 pixels (f=2.8mm F2.8)
Liquid Crystal Display8.9 Type and ultra wide XGA (1,024×480) correspondence and TFT color liquid crystal
Indicatory mode1,024×480 (largest approximately 1,677 ten thousand colors) *1 and 640×480 (largest approximately 1,677 ten thousand colors) *1 and 1,024×768 (largest approximately 1,677 ten thousand colors) *1*2 and 800×600 (largest approximately 1,677 ten thousand colors) *1*2
Floppy disk driveExternal by way of USB, bundled 3.5 types (1.44MB/1.2MB/720KB) FDD
CD-ROM driveSelling separately PCGA-CD5 and PC card connection
External connected terminal

- Infrared ray communication port (IrDA standard conformity Ver1.1 and ASK standard conformity) ×1

?USB×1?- External display output [D-sub 15 pin (private mini terminal)] ?i.LINK TM (IEEE1394) terminal S200 (4 pins)?- The modular jack ×1 for modem?- Microphone input (monaural mini- jack)?- Stereo headphone output ×1

PC card slotTypeII×1, CardBus correspondence and ZV port correspondence
Audio functionSound Blaster (R) Pro interchangeability, built-in monaural speaker and built-in microphone
Built-in FAX/modem56kbps*3 (K56flexTM) *4/14.4kbps (at the time of FAX), voice functional correspondence
Keyboard/pointing deviceApproximately 17mm pitch 87 key/scroll functional corresponding stick type pointing device
Main accessoryUSB FD drive, USB cable and AC adapter (PCGA-AC51 equal item), extended mini- AC cord/code, battery pack (S), VGA conversion adapter, recovery CD
Power sourceAC adapter or lithium ion battery
Electric power consumption/energy consumption efficiency32W/2W (battery charge not being included)
Battery operating time *5Approximately 1.5 hour ~3.0 times (battery pack (S))*6, approximately 3.5 hour ~6.5 times (battery pack (L))*6
Battery charge time *7(Also when turning on/off) battery pack (S) approximately 1.5 hours (approximately 85%), approximately 2.5 hours (approximately 100%), battery pack (L) approximately 3 hours (approximately 85%), approximately 5 hours (approximately 100%)
Warm humidity conditionWhen operating the 5~35? (the temperature gradient 10?/time below) the 10%~90% (however not becoming wet with dew) below the wet-bulb temperature 29?
Substance external size (the largest spine it is not included)/the mass modelApproximately width 240mm× height 38mm× depth 140mm (the spine it is not included)/approximately 1.1kg (the battery pack (S) when loading)

With the dither ring function of the *1 graphic accelerator actualization.?In case of *2 hypothetical picture mode? * 356 kbps is theoretical value at the time of data reception. At the time of data transmission with respect to 33.6kbps of standard reaches maximum. In upgrade to *4 V.90 specification correspondence schedule.?*5 battery drive time at the time of economical electrical mode. There are times when it differs from the above-mentioned statement time depending upon usage condition and setting etc. In addition, the battery pack (S) with the battery pack (L) combined use is not possible.?At the time of *6 camera application use approximately 1.0 hour ~2.5 times (S battery), approximately 2.5 hour ~5.5 times (L battery).?At the time of *7 power source on charge possibility.