Modem driver (ACP) for OS/2 – ThinkPad 600, 770

NameOperating SystemVersionReleasedDownload
ThinkPad ACP Internal Modem II for OS/2
1.74 MB
OS/22.3730 Apr 1999Download
README for ThinkPad ACP Internal Modem II for OS/2
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OS/22.3730 Apr 1999Download

This package provide 33.6k support for the internal ACP Modem for OS/2.
The following ThinkPad models are equipped with the ACP Modem:
- ThinkPad 600 (with Internal Modem)
- ThinkPad 600E (with Internal Modem)
- ThinkPad 770 (with Internal Modem)
- ThinkPad 770ED (with Internal Modem)
- ThinkPad 770X (with Internal Modem)
- ThinkPad 770Z (with Internal Modem)

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