V.90 upgrade for internal ACP Modem for Windows 95/98/NT – ThinkPad 600, 770

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V90 Frequently Asked Questions.
90.35 KB
Windows 95,
Windows 98
n/a21 May 1999Download
V.90 Modem Technology (White Paper)
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Windows 95,
Windows 98
21 May 1999Download

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This software program updates your ThinkPad''s internal ACP Modem code to the latest ACP V.90 Modem code. This program is for systems using Windows 95-98-NT4. We identify this upgrade as v2.516 which will be consistent with the information you will see in the ThinkPad Modem QuickTest application.
Note: ACP Modems updated to version 2.516, under certain telephone line conditions and.0 server modem combinations, may not show improvement in performance or connectivity compared to prior ACP Modem V.90 releases. The files V90PAPER.RTF and V90FAQ.RTF provided here, contain answers to many common questions about V.90 technology (conecsp eds, line conditions, etc.). Actual connection speed depends on many factors and is often less than the maximum possible.
The following systems are supported
- ThinkPad 600*, 600E, 770*, 770ED*, 770X, 770Z
*Models with Internal Modem

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