Video driver IV for OS/2 – ThinkPad 770

NameOperating SystemVersionReleasedDownload
version 1.05 - Video driver IV for OS/2 [DSKEXE]
1.08 MB
OS/21.0527 May 2000Download
README for version 1.05 - Video driver IV for OS/2
4.19 KB
OS/21.0527 May 2000Download

The Video Features Diskette IV for OS/2 provides drivers to:
- Improve the drawing performance on the display,
- Provide a resolution up to 1600x1200 for a CRT monitor,
- Provide various color depths: 256, 64K, and 16M for a CRT monitor.

The following models are supported:
- ThinkPad 770, 770E, 770ED, 770X, 770Z

Note: If you are installing the Video Features IV version 1.04 or later for OS/2 to the ThinkPad 770, 770E, 770ED, you need to update the system BIOS to version 1.27 or later. Otherwise you can not select any screen resolutions from the OS/2 System Setting even after the display driver installation.

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