SCCM package for Windows 8 (64-bit) – ThinkPad T540p, W540

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SCCM package for Windows 8 (64-bit)
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This package provides the device drivers in .inf form for ThinkPad computers, in order to allow you to deploy Windows images with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) by importing the device drivers.

Supported systems

  • ThinkPad T540p, W540

Version History

The following versions have been released to date.



Issue Date

010118 Mar 2014

Note: Revision number (Rev.) is for administrative purpose of this README document and is not related to software version. There is no need to upgrade this software when the revision number changes.

Software Name

Build ID

Version Number

Realtek Audio Driver for WindowsGIA325WW6.0.1.7005Finger Print Reader W864GIF410WW4.5.216.0Realtek Bluetooth Driver for WindowsGMWD08WW3.754.754.080913Sunplus Integrated Camera DriverGGCA16WW3.4.7.26Realtek Integrated Camera DriverGICR10WW6.2.9200.10239Alcor SmartCard Reader driver 864GMV1C1WW1.7.36.0Realtek Media Card Reader DriverGMX1C1WW6.2.9200.21236O2Micro Media Card Reader DriverGMXDM1WW2.2.2.1051Intel Chipset Driver for WindowsGMH1S1WW9.4.0.1026Monitor FileGEOI05WW5.01Ethernet DriverGIRW09WW12.6.51.9427Synaptics UltraNav Driver for WindowsGGGX38WW16.6.4.38iSCT DriverGMRAS1WW1.0.8.0Intel Collaborative Processor CPPC Win8GLCP03WW1.0.0.1011Lenovo Power Management DriverGRKU10WW1.67.03.13Intel Management Engine Interface 9.0GLRA04WW9.0.12.1397Intel Rapid Storage TechnologyGMIO08WW12.8.0.1016Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver 864GMTES1WW1.3.0.17Video Features(Intel Haswell GT1/GT2/GTGID833WW9.18.10.3272ThinkPad Video Features (NVIDIA) W864GJDH44WW9.18.13.1254/ DriverGIW272WW16.1.3.1 (Wilkins Peak 2)Realtek WiFiGMWW11WW2010.8.827.2013

Where: Build ID is for administrative purpose.

Important Information

  • Before installing the ThinkPad Monitor File, you need to install Graphics driver and restart the computer first.
  • If you encountered Microsoft ISATAP yellow bang after OS deployment, please restart the machine Or customize the 'CustomSettings.ini' file to add auto restart command once OS deployment is completed.

Limitations and considerations

Ericsson Wireless WAN driver and Intel Bluetooth driver are not included in this package because .inf installation is not supported.

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