PC Card drivers for DOS – ThinkPad

NameOperating SystemVersionReleasedDownload
DOS PCMCIA driver diskette [DSKEXE]
56 KB
DOS/Windows 3.x1.0118 Mar 2002Download
README for DOS PCMCIA driver diskette
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DOS/Windows 3.x1.0118 Mar 2002Download

This package provides PC Card functionality for the DOS environment. Although the device driver supports PCMCIA Socket Service/Card Service interface release 2.10, this package is primarily designed to install
an operating system via a portable CD-ROM and/or a network, therefore only the following PC Cards have been tested.

PC Cards that have been tested:
- PN 00K1084 IDE card with IBM Portable CD/20X
- PN 72H4533 EtherJet 10BASE-T PC Card
- PN 85H3636 Turbo 16/4 Token Ring PC Card

Supported operating systems:
- PC-DOS 2000 (English version)
- MS-DOS 6.22

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