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What is Access Connections?
How to deploy Access Connections Profiles
Supported systems
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Access Connections for Windows XP
Access Connections for Windows Vista


What is Access Connections?

ThinkVantage Access Connections is a connectivity assistant program for your ThinkPad computer. It enables you to quickly switch the network settings and Internet settings by selecting a location profile.

You can define the network settings and Internet settings in the Location Profile for modem/wired LAN/Wireless LAN network devices, and then restore that profile whenever you need it. By switching the location profile, you can connect to the network instantly without reconfiguring your settings when you move from office to home or on the road.

Learn more about Access Connections
Access Connections User's Guide


How to deploy Access Connections Profiles

Access Connections is able to import and export location profiles for the wireless adapter. This feature does not export the wireless security configuration and all profile settings. However, you can download and install the optional profile-deployment feature, which enables Access Connections to export wireless security configurations (including static WEP, password, and so on) and all profile settings. Download the Access Connections Deployment Guide to learn more about the Access Connections location profile-deployment feature. Click here to download administrator feature tool and view deployment guide.


Supported Systems
  • ThinkPad Edge 11", 13", 14", 15"
  • ThinkPad Edge E10, E30, E31, E40, E50
  • ThinkPad Edge E120, E125, E130, E135
  • ThinkPad Edge E220s
  • ThinkPad Edge E320, E325, E330
  • ThinkPad Edge E420, E420s, E425, E430, E435
  • ThinkPad Edge E520, E525, E530, E535
  • ThinkPad Edge L330, S430
  • ThinkPad L410, L412, L420, L421, L430
  • ThinkPad L510, L512, L520, L530
  • ThinkPad R60, R60e, R60i, R61, R61e, R61i
  • ThinkPad R400, R500
  • ThinkPad SL300, SL400, SL400c, SL410
  • ThinkPad SL500, SL500c, SL510
  • ThinkPad T60, T60p, T61, T61p
  • ThinkPad T400, T400s, T410, T410i, T410s, T410si, T420, T420i, T420s, T420si, T430, T430i, T430s, T430si
  • ThinkPad T500, T510, T510i, T520, T520i, T530, T530i
  • ThinkPad W500, W510, W520, W530
  • ThinkPad X1, X1 Hybrid, X1 Carbon
  • ThinkPad X60, X60s, X60 Tablet, X61, X61s, X61 Tablet
  • ThinkPad X100e, X120e, X121e, X130e, X131e
  • ThinkPad X200, X200s, X200 Tablet, X201, X201i, X201s, X201 Tablet, X220, X220i, X220 Tablet, X220i Tablet, X230, X230i, X230 Tablet, X230i Tablet
  • ThinkPad X300, X301
  • Lenovo E49
  • Zhaoyang K29, Zhaoyang K49, Zhaoyang E49
  • Lenovo V480, V480s, V580, B480, B580, M490, M495

(List also includes products not released in Japan)

Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit

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