Lenovo Care Pack for Windows Vista, XP – ThinkPad R61i

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README for Lenovo Care Pack
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Windows XP,
Windows Vista
2.1113 Sep 2007Download
Lenovo Care Pack
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Windows XP,
Windows Vista
2.1113 Sep 2007Download

This package installs the following Lenovo Care Pack software:
- Lenovo Care
- Lenovo Care Supplement for ThinkPad
  - Lenovo Care preset data
  - Menus for Lenovo Care

Supported ThinkPad system:
- R61i (Machine types-models:
7650-9Lx, 9Mx, 9Nx, 9Px, 9Qx, 9Rx, 9Sx, 9Tx, 9Ux, 9Vx, 9Wx, 9Xx, 9Yx, 9Zx, A2x, A3x, A4x, A5x, A6x, A7x, A8x, A9x,
7732-4Ax, 4Bx, 4Cx, 4Gx, 4Hx, 4Jx, 4Kx, 4Nx, 6Ax, 6Bx, 6Cx, 6Dx, 6Ex, 6Fx, 6Gx, 6Hx, 6Kx, Ax, 8Bx, 8Cx, 8Dx, 8Ex, 8Fx, 8Gx, 8Hx, 8Jx, 8Kx, 8Lx, 8Mx, 8Nx, 8Px, 8Qx, 8Rx, 8Sx, 8Tx, 8Ux, 8Vx, 8Wx, 8Yx, 8Zx, 9Ax, 9Bx, 9Cx, 9Dx, 9Ex
7742-4Lx, 4Mx, 9Gx, 9Hx, 9Jx, 9Kx
8918-ADx, AEx, AFx, AGx, AHx, AJx, AKx, ALx, AMx, ANx, APx, AQx, ARx, ASx, ATx
8932-APx, AQx, ARx, ASx, ATx, AUx, AVx, AWx, AXx, AYx, AZx, B2x, B3x, BWx, BXx, BYx, BZx

Supported Operating Systems:
- Windows Vista
- Windows XP Home Edition, Professional

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