Hitachi hard disk drive firmware diskette update – ThinkPad 600X, A20m, T20

NameOperating SystemVersionReleasedDownload
version 1.00 - Hitachi hard drive firmware diskette update
830.45 KB
All operating systems listed1.0008 Aug 2001Download

IBM has released an update to the firmware for the Hitachi 6 GB and 12 GB hard disk drives that are found in some Thinkpad 600X, A20m, and T20 machines. The firmware contains changes that can improve the reliability of the drive. IBM recommends that users with these Thinkpad systems and Hitachi hard disk drives update their firmware.

This release applies to the following IBM ThinkPad systems that uses a Hitachi 6 GB or 12 GB hard disk drive:
- Thinkpad 600X
- ThinkPad A20m
- ThinkPad T20

If you have already applied the Hard Drive Security Enhancement to you your hard disk, then you do not need to apply this update. Both utilities will update the Hitachi 6 GB and 12 GB hard disk drives to the same firmware level.

The file below is a bootable diskette image.

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