Sscrdbus.ini for CardWorks for Windows NT – ThinkPad 380XD, 385XD, 560X, 600, 770/E

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CardWizard installation file for resetting the IRQ mask
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Windows NT104 Sep 1998Download

When using Windows NT 4.0 with SystemSoft CardWizard for NT version 3.10.x (as supplied by IBM), users may not be able to assign interrupt request (IRQ) 10 to a PC Card even when the resource is free. Note that on some models of 600 and 770, the Secondary IRQ for the ACP modem defaults to IRQ 10. This tip is intended to address those situations where the system is not equipped with the ACP modem, or where the modem IRQ has been manually changed, to allow the use of IRQ 10.
The IRQ mask is an entry in the Windows NT registry. IBM recommends against editing the Windows NT registry directly, since errors in the registry may make the system unusable, and require the reinstallation of the operating system. The default values for the IRQ mask are contained in an ini file on the CardWizard installation diskette. A modified copy of that file is included in this article.

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