Video driver IV (Trident CyberBlade) for Windows 98/Me – ThinkPad 1200, 1300

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Version 6205.43A - Video driver IV for Windows 98/Me
6.84 MB
Windows 98,
Windows Me
43a12 Sep 2001Download
README for version 6205.43A - Video driver IV for Windows 98/Me
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Windows 98,
Windows Me
6205.43A12 Sep 2001Download

This package provides the display driver for Windows 98/Me users.

This package is supported on the following IBM systems:
(Your machine type and model number is located on the bottom of the system next to the bar code label)
- ThinkPad i Series 1200 (1161 - 43A, 43C, 43G, 43H, 43K, 43M, 43P, 43S, 43T, 43U, 43X, 43Y, 93C, 93F, 93G, 93H, 93K, 93M, 93T, 93U, 93Y, 44F, 44U, 53M, 73J, 83G, 86C, 94A, 94F, 94G, 94H, 94K, 94M, 94T, 94U, 95G, 95M, 96A, 96C, 96K, 96Y, 97A, EFH)
- ThinkPad i Series 1300(1171 - 1TU, 2TU, 3TU, 4MU, 52U, 6MU, 6NU, 7XG, 8MU, 9BG, 9BU, 9MU, 9NU, 9ZU, NM1, 1VU, PG1, RRM, RRN, RRP, RRR)
- ThinkPad i Series 1300 (1171 - 1VU, 5CU, 5XM, 5XU, 6XU, 8XU, 9XA, 9XC, 9XF, 9XH, 9XK, 9XT, 9XU, RRL, RRS, RRT, RRU, RRV) *1

*1 Supports Windows Me only

This program is language independent and can be used with any language system.

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