DVD Firmware update diskette – ThinkPad 1400 (2621)

NameOperating SystemVersionReleasedDownload
DVD Firmware update diskette, version 1433 [DSKEXE]
325 KB
All operating systems listed143301 Aug 2000Download

Toshiba has updated the code inside the DVD drive.

This update applies to the following i Series 1400 model and type numbers:
2621 - 460, 467, 46F, 480, 484, 48A, 48C, 48K, 48M, 48P, 48S, 48X, RR4, RR5

Your model and type numbers are located on the bottom of your system, just above the bar code symbol.

Other Thinkpad i Series systems do not need an update.

IBM strongly encourages all users of these models to apply this update to prevent any inconvenience.

Please note that once the fault condition occurs, the update will not fix the drive. A disabled drive will have to be replaced by sending the entire ThinkPad system to the IBM repair center or taking it to an authorized servicer.

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