DELL XPS 13 (L322x) Ultrabook Windows 8 64bit Drivers, Applications, Updates

DELL XPS 13 (L322x) Ultrabook

Refine results: All files for DELL XPS 13 L322X for Windows 8 64bit.

Application (5)
Download applications to support your computer or device.
File TitleRelease DateVersion
Dell Update Application
1.6.1007.0, A08
Dell Digital Delivery Application
3.1.1002.0, A10
Intel Rapid Start Technology Utility
2/8/2013, A02
Intel WiDi Application
1/4/2013, A02
Dell Quickset Application
11.1.39, A04
Audio (1)
Download drivers to improve the performance of your Dell audio components such as sound cards and speakers.
File TitleRelease DateVersion
Realtek High Definition Audio Driver
7054, A03
BIOS (1)
(also Basic Input/Output System) Support the system that controls your keyboard, monitor and other devices.
File TitleRelease DateVersion
Dell XPS L322X System BIOS
Chipset (3)
Download utilities and drivers to help control your system board components and controllers.
File Title Release Date Version
Intel Chipset Driver
2/8/2013, A01
Intel Management Engine Interface Driver
2/8/2013, A02
SMSC USB to LAN dongle Driver
10/25/2012, A00
Mouse, Keyboard & Input Devices (1)
Download drivers for your mouse, touchpad, trackball, keyboard, joystick, or infrared device.
File Title Release Date Version
Dell Touchpad Driver
4/3/2014, A06
Network (4)
Drivers for network devices such as Ethernet adapters, Wireless, Bluetooth and WWAN adapters.
File Title Release Date Version
Qualcomm Atheros Killer Wireless-N 1202 Driver
10/28/2014, A01
Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6235 Driver
10/23/2013, A06
Intel Smart Connect Technology Application
3/13/2013, A01
Intel BT Driver
2/8/2013, A02
Serial ATA (6)
Download drivers to support your Dell Serial ATA.
File Title Release Date Version
LiteOn IT LMT-128M6M MSATA Solid State Drive Firmware Update
DM7110F, A05
LiteOn IT LMT-256M6M Solid State Drive Firmware Update
DM8110F, A05
LiteOn IT LMT-256M3M Solid State Drive Firmware Update
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver
2/8/2013, A02
LiteOn LMT-128M3M SSDR Firmware Update
VYDB, A00-00
SK Hynix Solid State Drive Firmware Update
1010BL00, A02
Storage (2)
This is a legacy subsystem used for Storage devices. This would cover legagcy storage devices, such as older hard drives or tape devices.
File Title Release Date Version
Samsung SSD PM851 Firmware Update
EXT49D0Q, A00
Samsung SSD PM841 mSATA Firmware Update
DXT44D0Q, A00
Video (1)
Drivers for video adapters, also known as video cards, graphics cards, display adapters, and VGA card.
File Title Release Date Version
Intel HD 4000 Graphics Driver
5/8/2013, A03

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