SONY VAIO PCG-C1MZX PictureBook Tech Specification


SONY PCG-C1MZX Main Specification, TM5800(933 MHz), 256MB, 60GB, 8.9" ultra Wide SXGA (1280x600) TFT, 56kbps(V.90), Network, Wireless LAN PC card, Bluetooth, Windows XP Home Edition.

OSWindows XP Home Edition
ProcessorTransmeta Crusoe processor, TM5800, 933MHz
Cache-memoryPrimary cache 128KB/secondary cache 512KB (CPU built-in)
Main memory standard/maximum256MB (128MB onboard (DDR-SDRAM) +128MB) / Maximum 384MB (SDRAM)
Memory busMaximum 133MHz
Expansion Memory slotMicro DIMM slot (PC133) x1 (0)
Graphic acceleratorATI MOBILITY RADEON
Video memory8MB (built-in to video tip/chip)
Liquid Crystal Display8.9 Type ultra wide SXGA (1280x600) TFT color liquid crystal
Indicatory modeLargest approximately 16,770,000 color (1280x1024, 1280x600, 1024x768, 1024x600 and 800x600)
External display outputLargest approximately 16,770,000 color (1600x1200, 1280x1024, 1280x600, 1024x768, 1024x600 and 800x600)
MPEG2 hardware encoderMPEG2 R-Engine (AV input correspondence and television video recording functional loading)
Hard disk driveApproximately 60GB (Ultra ATA/100) (C: Approximately 20GB/D: Approximately 40GB (when shipping))
CD/DVD driveSelling separately i.LINK portable DVD-RW drive (PCGA-DVRW1)
Selling separately i.LINK CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive (PCGA-CRWD2)
Selling separately i.LINK DVD-ROM drive (PCGA-DVD1/A)
Floppy disk driveExternal by way of selling separately PCGA-UFD5 and USB, 3.5 types (1.44MB/720KB)
External connected terminalUSB x1
i.LINK (IEEE1394) S400 (4 pins) x1
Stereo headphone output (stereo mini- jack) x1
Microphone input (monaural mini- jack) x1
The modular jack x1 for modem
Biology-related product exclusive use DC OUT (power source supply) x1
attachmentNetwork connector (100BASE-TX/10BASE-T) x1
AV output (NTSC/PAL correspondence and stereo voice response)
AV input (NTSC correspondence and stereo audio input) x1
External display output (VGA type, D-sub15 pin) TV antenna input x1
Wireless communication facilityIn substance Bluetooth functional loading (Largest transmission speed: 723kbps / communication range: Line-of-sight distance longest approximately 100~10m) (Bluetooth1.1)
In substance 2.4GHz wireless LAN PC card attachment (Largest transmission speed: Approximately 11Mbps/communication range: Line-of-sight distance longest approximately 100m / Use band: 2.4GHz band (2.400GHz~2.474GHz) / Radio channel: From 1~11 selection) (IEEE 802.11/IEEE 802.11b )
Memory stick slotMagic gate corresponding memory stick slot x1
PC card slotType IIx1 and CardBus correspondence
Audio functionAC97 conformity and MEGA BASS (high silent emphasis) function, built-in stereo speaker and built-in monaural microphone
Internal modemMaximum 56kbps (V.90)/maximum 14.4kbps (at the time of FAX)
Built-in video cameraProgressive system 1/6 type CCD 350,000 pixel (f=2.8mm F3.4) slow shutter correspondence
Keyboard/pointing deviceApproximately 17mm pitch/key stroke approximately 2mm/86 key, scroll functional corresponding stick type pointing device
AccessoryAC adapter (PCGA-AC16V4 equal item) (PCGA-BP51A/L equal item)
Telephone cord/code (modular cable)
Recovery CD
AV connector cable (pin plug (image/stereo) / AV mini- plug (special stereo mini- plug))
Antenna connector cable
Wireless LAN PC card
Power sourceAC adapter or lithium ion battery
Power consumption28W (battery charge not being included)
Battery timeBattery pack (S): (Approximately 2~3.5 time) / Battery pack (L): (Approximately 4~7 time) / Battery pack (LLL): (Approximately 7~12.5 time)
Battery charge timeAt the time of power source ON also at the time of OFF, Battery pack (S): Approximately 2.5 hours (approximately 85%), approximately 3.5 hours (approximately 100%) / Battery pack (L): Approximately 3.5 hours (approximately 85%), approximately 4.5 hours (approximately 100%) / Battery pack (LLL): Approximately 6 hours (approximately 85%), approximately 9 hours (approximately 100%)
Size outside (Largest spine not being included)Approximately width 249mmx height 28mm (forward the most it is thin section. Rear section 30mm) ## depth 152mm
MassApproximately 998g (battery pack (S) when loading)

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  1. tengo un sony vaio modelo PCG-C!MZX no no puedo conectarme a Internet me podrían hacerme el favor y ayudarme gracias

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