SONY VAIO PCG-U1 Main Specification

SONY VAIO PCG-U1 Main Specification

Sony VAIO PCG-U1SONY VAIO PCG-U1 Main Specification, TM5,800 867 MHz, 256MB(128MB+128MB), 20GB, 6.4" Type XGA TFT,Stamina Modem, i.LINK, MemoryStick slot,100M Network, Largest approximately 4 hour, DC OUT, Windows XP Home.
OSWindows XP Home Edition
ProcessorTransmeta Crusoe processor TM5800 867MHz
Cache-memoryPrimary cache 128KB Secondary cache 512KB (CPU built-in)
Memory Basque lockMaximum 133MHz
Main memory - standard/maximumSDRAM 128MB (onboard) +SDRAM 128MB total 256MB/ largest 384MB*1 * You use inside 16MB with the system.
Expansion storage slot (being less crowded)Micro DIMM slot ×1 (0)
Graphic acceleratorATI Technologies corporation make MOBILITY RADEON -M
Video memory -8MB (in video tip/chip built-in)
Liquid Crystal Display6.4 Type, XGA (1024×768 dot) corresponding TFT color liquid crystal
Indicatory modeLargest approximately 1677 ten thousand color*2(1024×768 and 800×600)
External display output*3Largest approximately 1677 ten thousand colors (1600×1200, 1280×1024, 1024×768 and 800×600)
Dual display indicatory time (example)External display: Maximum of 65536 colors (1600×1200) - substance LCD indication: Largest approximately 1677 ten thousand colors (1024×768*2) External display: Largest approximately 1677 ten thousand colors (1024×768) - substance LCD indication: Largest approximately 1677 ten thousand colors (1024×768*2)
Floppy disk driveExternal by way of selling separately PCGA-UFD5 and USB, 3.5 types (1.44MB/720KB*4)
Hard disk driveApproximately 20GB (Ultra ATA100 correspondence) (C: Approximately 10GB/D: Approximately 10GB)*5*6
DriveSelling separately i.LINK CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive (PCGA-CRWD1), i.LINK DVD-ROM drive (PCGA-DVD1), PC card correspondence CD-ROM drive (PCGA-CD51/A)
External connected terminalUSB×2 I.LINK (IEEE1394) terminal S400 (4 pins) ×1 Network connector (100BASE-TX/10BASE-T) ×1 Microphone input (monaural mini- jack) ×1 Stereo headphone output (stereo mini- jack) ×1 Biology-related product exclusive use DC OUT (power source supply) connector ×1 Display adapter - (selling separately PCGA-DA1S) private terminal ×1
Memory stick slotMagic gate corresponding memory stick slot
PC card slotType II×1 and CardBus correspondence
Audio functionAC97 conformity and built-in monaural speaker, MEGA BASS (uneven sound emphasis) functional correspondence
Keyboard/pointing deviceApproximately 14mm pitch/key stroke approximately 1.5mm/84 key/wide stick type pointing device/back button equipped ???????
Main accessoryAC adapter (PCGA-AC16V4 equal item) Battery pack (S) (PCGA-BP1U equal item) Recovery CD
Power sourceAC adapter or lithium ion battery
Electric power consumption30W (battery charge it is not included)
The energy consumption efficiency *7 which is based on energy-savinglawS division 0.0015
Battery drive time*8*9Battery pack (S): (Approximately 2.5 - 4 hours)
Battery charge time*10When ONBattery pack (S): Approximately 2 hours (approximately 85%), approximately 2.5 hours (approximately 100%)
When OFFBattery pack (S): Approximately 2 hours (approximately 85%), approximately 2.5 hours (approximately 100%)
Warm humidity conditionWhen operating 5 - 35 ? (temperature gradient 10 ?/the time below) 20 - 80% (however thing, and 35 where it does not become wet with dew ? as for the humidity in 65% or less) When retaining -20 ? - +60 ? (temperature gradient 10 ?/time below)
Substance external size (the largest spine it is not included)Approximately width 184.5mm× height 30.6mm (as for battery applied part 46.1mm) × depth 139mm
MassApproximately 820g (battery pack (S) when loading)
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