Zepto Nox A14 – Performance Laptop Technical Specifications

Zepto Nox A14 – Performance Laptop Technical Specifications

Zepto Nox A14 - Performance Notebook Nox A14 - A world of performance
The name ’Zepto’ is Greek. The same goes for this series named after the Greek goddess Nox. According to Greek mythology Nox was goddess of the night and a figure with exceptional powers.

The name Nox symbolises this series’ unparalleled performance, new technology and Danish design. The black, minimalistic look, casted in exclusive and robust material, is stylishly combined with a discretely illuminated Zepto logo.

Soft, sleek & elegant
The Nox comes with a superior simplistic design and all aluminum connectors combined with a soft touch material for an optimal and comfortable feeling of the notebook surface.

Powerful and upgradeable graphics solutions
The Zepto Nox is built on the Nvidia MXM platform, which means you will be able to upgrade your Nox for year to come.

The Zepto Nox offers superior business, gaming or multimedia graphics with Geforce 9600M GT 512MB DDR3 (600/1600MHZ). Features intelligent graphics power and is Nvidia PhysX and CUDA Ready. The choice for the business professional, gamer, or multimedia user.

The powerful graphics solutions also enable you to use special features such as the Nvida CUDA technology. CUDA enables you to use the graphical processor for video encoding and other cpu intensive applications speeding up your notebook to more than 12 times the regular speed.** Rollover the below demonstration.

Extensive keyboard control
Everything you need within the reach of your palm. Control features like power modes, night LED, volume, BT/Wireless, Media player, Touchpad on/off, web camera – all this simply by using the features on your keyboard making everything reachable within the stroke of a finger. At the same time the keyboard features precision response (2.8 mm key movement), which ensures a comfortable and reliable usage for business purposes.

Zepto LED night mode
The Night LED mode enables you to turn off the visual indicators on the notebook such as power, battery, wireless etc. for optimal night time lighting when viewing DVD’s, Blu-ray or picture material. Only the hard drive indicator will remain on to show you if the notebook is working

Docking station support* (From December 2008)
Perfectly tailored for large scale enterprises and small medium business with the option of a dockingstation. The dockingstation features built in HDMI, 6 USB ports and Digital audio out.
*The first shippment of computer will not support docking station. Computers bought at the beginning of December will support dockingstation

The speed of tomorrow
The newest Intel® technology ensures you a powerful and state of the art notebook with up to 8GB system memory and a up to 2,8Ghz Dual Core (2 x 2,8Ghz) processor. Yet its able to be whisper silent under normal conditions and offers an abundance of features, such as TV Tuner, Turbo Memory Card, Wireless Lan Cards and much more. Zepto supports the usage of the Low Power Intel P Series processor with Dual Core processing to give you a battery life of up to 3,8 hours on your Zepto Nox regardless of graphics solution.

Digital media center
The Zepto Nox is naturally also perfectly suited for multimedia usage and as a multimedia center with a 2.0 Megapixel webcam, combined with a built-in digital microphone. At the same time it offers a digital Video and Audio out with HDMI 1.3A Connection and SPDIF audio out for a crisp video and audio experience.

Fingerprint reader
The Zepto Nox features a fingerprint reader as a perfect security solution for your Windows login. You don’t need to remember any password - just use your fingerprint.

Linux Support
The Zepto Nox is tested*** to work with Ubuntu for those looking for a free operating system alternative. Ubuntu’s newest distribution Hardy Heron 8.04 works out of the box with driver support for the most common hardware which includes the brand new Cuda technology from Nvidia. Some hardware, like the webcam, fingerprint scanner and TV-Tuner card, will need 3rd party drivers to function.Tuner card will need 3rd party drivers to function.

Maximum durability
A mixture of the “ARC” technology (aluminum reinforced chassis) and best-in-class components ensures that this system will work as a reliable partner for you.