[ASUS] Introduce ASUS Utilities for Laptops

Asus Logo

Asus Logo

ASUS Utilities

Power4 Gear eXtreme

  • 4 scenario modes
  • Adjusts LCD brightness
  • Controls the processor and each system setting to save more power
  • Extends battery life up to 20-30%

ASUS LifeFrame3 - Easy Image Recording and Capturing

With its ability to record high-quality audio and video, as well as a host of fun editing features, this exclusive webcam imaging program keeps your memories alive for playback anytime. It can also be used for security purposes when set to Monitor mode which triggers image captures upon detecting motion.

ASUS SmartLogon

This exclusive face capture and recognition software enables users to log into Windows without having to key in any passwords, leading to greater convenience.

ASUS CopyProtect - Data Reproduction Authorization

ASUS CopyProtect prevents the unauthorized reproduction of data in the notebooks. When locked, the content in the notebook will not be replicated by burning a CD/DVD and transferring to a floppy disk, an external storage medium or network drive.


Summarizes Hardware Sensor and Disk information
  • Summarizes the status of used space and free space
  • Displays system information for you to know your system well

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