SAMSUNG Q1 (NP-Q1) UMPC WinXP, Vista Drivers, Software

Samsung Q1 UMPC

Samsung challenges the limits of mobile technology with the launch of Q1. The Q1 is a UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC), with 7 inch screen and Windows XP Tablet Edition.

- Processor: Intel Celeron M ULV (900MHz)
- Chipset & Graphics: 915 GMS Internal GFX
- Memory: 1 SODIMM Socket, DDRII 400
- PCB: 10L Build up PCB
- LCD: 7" WVGA (800 x 480)
- Audio: Phone out, 2 Array Mic, 2 x 2W Stereo Speakers
- Storage: 1.8" SFF HDD 20~60 GB
- Communications: 10/100 Ethernet, Mini card WLAN (802.11 b/g), Bluetooth

Download Samsung Q1/NP-Q1 UMPC Windows XP, Vista Drivers, Software and User Manuals

Operating System:

DescriptionOSRelease DateSize (MB)DOWNLOAD
Chipset INTEL (Driver) (ver. Vista2007-5-170.56 Download
Sound(Audio) (Driver) (ver. Vista2007-5-173.93 Download
Bluetooth (Driver) (ver. Vista2007-5-1744.65 Download
VGA(Graphics) (Driver) (ver. Vista2007-5-178.83 Download
Lan MARVELL (Driver) (ver. Vista2007-5-170.13 Download
Wireless LAN ATHEROS (Driver) (ver. Vista2007-5-172.01 Download
Bluetooth (Driver) (ver. XP2007-9-1572.44 Download
Chipset (Driver) (ver. XP2006-4-171.4 Download
VGA(Graphics) INTEL (Driver) (ver. XP2006-4-175.12 Download
Lan (Driver) (ver. XP2006-4-170.17 Download
Sound(Audio) (Driver) (ver. XP2008-6-1980.15 Download
Touchscreen (Driver) (ver. XP2006-4-175.52 Download
Wireless LAN ATHEROS (Driver) (ver. XP2007-10-516.47 Download
Bluetooth (Driver) (ver. XP2007-3-91.04 Download

Operating System:

DescriptionOSRelease DateSize (MB)DOWNLOAD
SAMSUNG Update Plus (Software) (ver. Vista2007-5-1712.69 Download
Menu UI (Software) (ver. Vista2007-5-171.92 Download
Easy Network Manager (Software) (ver. Vista2007-5-1717.74 Download
Easy Display Manager (Software) (ver. Vista2007-5-176.11 Download
Easy Button Manager (Software) (ver. Vista2007-5-1713.73 Download
Play AVStation (Software) (ver. Vista2007-9-1572.55 Download
SAMSUNG Magic Doctor (Software) (ver. Vista2007-5-174.85 Download
Play AVStation (Software) (ver. Vista2007-5-178.03 Download
User Manual (Software) (ver. Vista2007-9-15125.27 Download
Easy Battery Manager (Software) (ver. Vista2007-5-173.7 Download
Touchpad (Software) (ver. Vista2007-5-170.02 Download
SAMSUNG Battery Manager (Software) (ver. XP2007-9-152.75 Download
Easy Display Manager (Software) (ver. XP2006-11-234.11 Download
Magic Keyboard (Software) (ver. XP2007-9-151.69 Download
management center (Software) (ver. XP2007-9-151.63 Download
Menu UI (Software) (ver. XP2007-9-151.73 Download
SAMSUNG Network Manager (Software) (ver. XP2006-4-1710.88 Download
Device(Install) (Software) (ver. XP2007-9-150.03 Download
SAMSUNG Update Plus (Software) (ver. XP2006-4-1710.25 Download
SAMSUNG Voice Recorder (Software) (ver. XP2007-9-154.33 Download
SAMSUNG Magic Doctor (Software) (ver. XP2007-9-152.51 Download
Play AVStation (Software) (ver. XP2007-9-1564.67 Download
User Manual (Software) (ver. XP2007-9-155.6 Download
DescriptionRelease DateLanguageSize (MB)DOWNLOAD
Quick Guide (Easy Manual) (ver.1.0)2006-5-17ENGLISH0.0 html
User Manual (Vista) (User Manual) (ver.1.1)2009-6-10ENGLISH9.23 pdf DJVU
User Manual (Vista) (User Manual) (ver.1.0)2009-6-10SPANISH9.22 pdf DJVU
User Manual (Vista) (User Manual) (ver.1.1)2009-6-10KOREAN10.4 pdf DJVU
DescriptionOSRelease DateSize (MB)DOWNLOAD
System BIOS/MICOM (Firmware) (ver.20MA)Win XP/Vista2007-4-21.7 Download

Download Samsung Q1(NP-Q1) UMPC Windows XP, Vista Drivers, Software. Download Video Driver, Display VGA Driver, Audio, Sound Driver, Chipset Device Driver, Memory Card Driver, Camera Driver, Lan Driver, Bluetooth Driver, Wireless LAN Driver, Touchpad Driver, Easy Display Manager,Play Camera Software and Driver for Samsung Q1

13 thoughts on “SAMSUNG Q1 (NP-Q1) UMPC WinXP, Vista Drivers, Software

    1. I just installed Win7 in my Q1. The only problem I found was the audio did not get installed. Using the audio driver installer for XP fixed the problem. Good luck!

  1. I ve a samsung np q1u ultra i remove d cmos bettry n d memory card bt d password wil nt go away wot wil i do pls hlp me

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