SAMSUNG Q1U Ultra-Mobile PC WinXP Tablet, Vista Drivers, Software

Samsung Q1 Ultra (Q1U) UMPC Windows XP Drivers, Software, Manual

Samsung Q1U UMPC The Q1 Ultra UMPC features the latest Intel Mobile technology - the next generation mobile processor for power-optimised mobile processing.

NEW Ultra Mobile PC combining all the features of a tablet PC, PDA and multimedia device

- Genuine Windows Vista® Business or Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005
- Intel Processor A110, 945 Base Main Chipset
- 7" (1024x600) Wide Touchscreen, Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 945
- 802.11b/g Wireless LAN, 10/100 Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.0
- Dual Camera (0.3M+1.3M)
- Full keyboard incorporated into main unit, Weighs just 690g

Download Samsung Q1U (NP-Q1U) Ultra-Mobile PC UMPC Win XP Tablet, Vista Drivers, Software and User Manual

Operating System:

DescriptionOSRelease DateSize (MB)DOWNLOAD
Bluetooth (Driver) (ver. Vista2008-11-1857.87 Download
Camera (Driver) (ver.323.7.313.13)Win Vista2008-11-185.3 Download
Chipset (Driver) (ver. Vista2008-11-182.34 Download
Finger Print (Driver) (ver. Vista2008-11-188.77 Download
Lan (Driver) (ver. Vista2008-11-184.21 Download
Sound(Audio) (Driver) (ver. Vista2008-11-1817.55 Download
USB (Driver) (ver. Vista2008-11-181.0 Download
VGA(Graphics) INTEL (Driver) (ver. Vista2008-11-1815.02 Download
Wireless LAN ATHEROS (Driver) (ver. Vista2008-11-182.21 Download
Bluetooth (Driver) (ver. XP2008-11-1897.02 Download
Camera (Driver) (ver.323.7.313.13)Win XP2008-11-185.3 Download
Chipset (Driver) (ver. XP2008-11-182.34 Download
Finger Print (Driver) (ver. XP2008-11-1813.01 Download
Lan (Driver) (ver. XP2008-11-180.06 Download
TouchScreen (Driver) (ver. XP2008-11-185.76 Download
USB (Driver) (ver. XP2008-11-181.9 Download
VGA(Graphics) INTEL (Driver) (ver. XP2008-11-1816.44 Download
Wireless LAN ATHEROS (Driver) (ver. XP2008-11-1816.49 Download
Bluetooth (Driver) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-1772.44 Download
Camera (Driver) (ver.323.7.313.13)Win XP Tablet2008-11-175.3 Download
Chipset (Driver) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-172.34 Download
Finger Print (Driver) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-1714.03 Download
Lan (Driver) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-170.06 Download
Sound(Audio) (Driver) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-1790.03 Download
TouchScreen (Driver) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-175.76 Download
USB (Driver) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-171.9 Download
VGA(Graphics) INTEL (Driver) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-1716.44 Download
Wireless LAN ATHEROS (Driver) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-1716.47 Download

Operating System:

DescriptionOSRelease DateSize (MB)DOWNLOAD
Easy Battery Manager (Software) (ver. Vista2008-11-183.91 Download
Easy Button Manager (Software) (ver. Vista2008-11-189.74 Download
Easy Display Manager (Software) (ver. Vista2008-11-186.28 Download
Easy Network Manager (Software) (ver. Vista2008-11-1817.74 Download
MS Hotfix CriticalUpdates (Software) (ver.200708.0.0.0)Win Vista2008-11-1875.49 Download
MS Hotfix TabletPC (Software) (ver. Vista2008-11-183.18 Download
MS Hotfix Bluetooth (Software) (ver. Vista2008-11-182.42 Download
MS Hotfix Common (Software) (ver. Vista2008-11-1811.21 Download
Play AVStation (Software) (ver. Vista2008-11-188.05 Download
MCE Update (Software) (ver. Vista2008-11-183.44 Download
Menu UI (Software) (ver. Vista2008-11-181.93 Download
Play AVStation (Software) (ver. Vista2008-11-1876.69 Download
Play Camera (Software) (ver. Vista2008-11-182.6 Download
Recovery Solution (Software) (ver. Vista2008-11-1815.59 Download
SAMSUNG Magic Doctor (Software) (ver. Vista2008-11-184.86 Download
SAMSUNG Update Plus (Software) (ver. Vista2008-11-188.05 Download
User Manual (Software) (ver. Vista2008-11-18133.09 Download
Easy Button Manager (Software) (ver. XP2008-11-178.59 Download
Easy Display Manager (Software) (ver. XP2008-11-176.25 Download
Menu UI (Software) (ver. XP2008-11-171.78 Download
GT Connect SW (Software) (ver. XP2008-11-174.04 Download
Play Camera (Software) (ver. XP2008-11-172.6 Download
Recovery Solution (Software) (ver. XP2008-11-1717.02 Download
SAMSUNG Battery Manager (Software) (ver. XP2008-11-173.43 Download
SAMSUNG Magic Doctor (Software) (ver. XP2008-11-174.49 Download
SAMSUNG Network Manager (Software) (ver. XP2008-11-176.43 Download
SAMSUNG Update Plus (Software) (ver. XP2008-11-1710.84 Download
SAMSUNG Voice Recorder (Software) (ver. XP2008-11-174.3 Download
Play AVStation (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2009-5-2077.23 Download
Easy Button Manager (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2009-4-58.59 Download
Easy Display Manager (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-176.25 Download
MS Hotfix CPU (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-1719.86 Download
MS Hotfix CPU (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-174.37 Download
MS Hotfix TabletPC (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-1719.57 Download
Menu UI (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-171.78 Download
GT Connect SW (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-174.04 Download
Play Camera (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-172.6 Download
Recovery Solution (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-1716.91 Download
SAMSUNG Battery Manager (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-172.75 Download
SAMSUNG Magic Doctor (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-174.47 Download
SAMSUNG Network Manager (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-1710.89 Download
SAMSUNG Update Plus (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-1710.3 Download
SAMSUNG Voice Recorder (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-174.33 Download
User Manual (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2009-4-591.56 Download
MS Hotfix Security (Software) (ver. XP Tablet2008-11-18353.44 Download
DescriptionRelease DateLanguageSize (MB)DOWNLOAD
Quick Guide (Easy Manual) (ver.1.0)2007-6-2ENGLISH0.0 html
User Manual (User Manual) (ver.1.0)2009-3-13ENGLISH16.32 Download
User Manual (User Manual) (ver.2.0)2009-3-12ENGLISH12.46 Download
User Manual (Vista) (User Manual) (ver.2.1)2009-1-15ENGLISH21.0 Download
User Manual (User Manual) (ver.2.0)2009-3-12SPANISH12.78 Download
User Manual (Vista) (User Manual) (ver.2.1)2009-1-15SPANISH25.18 Download
User Manual (User Manual) (ver.1.0)2009-6-7KOREAN16.4 Download
User Manual (User Manual) (ver.2.0)2009-6-7KOREAN16.53 Download
User Manual (Vista) (User Manual) (ver.2.1)2009-6-7KOREAN22.14 Download
DescriptionOSRelease DateSize (MB)DOWNLOAD
System BIOS/MICOM (Firmware) (ver.03ME)Win XP/Vista2008-12-181.61 Download
System BIOS/MICOM (Firmware) (ver.02MF)Win XP/Vista2009-1-281.61 Download

Download Samsung Q1 Ultra (NP-Q1U) UMPC Windows XP Tablet, Vista Drivers, Software and Manuals. Video Driver, Display VGA Driver, Audio, Sound Driver, Chipset Device Driver, Touch Screen Panel Driver, Memory Card Driver, Camera Driver, Lan Driver, Bluetooth Driver, Wireless Lan Driver, Touchpad Driver, Easy Display Manager,Play Camera Software and Driver,SAMSUNG Update Plus.

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